Friday, June 24, 2011

New Babies Are Neat

(but I still don't want another one of my own, just for the record)

With her permission, I'd like to post about a dear friend of mine...

One of my very best friends in the world (K) announced her pregnancy early this year.  I was beyond excited for her and her hubby.  (due date was end of July)

Things had been going well for her until the last couple weeks--her blood pressure was creeping up quite a bit.  She sent me a text this past Monday saying she was admitted to a local hospital for urine testing and blood pressure monitoring.

On Tuesday morning, she let me know she was getting transferred via ambulance to a high-risk hospital in Milwaukee (a good hour away).  They had diagnosed her with HELLP (a very severe form of pre-eclampsia).  During this whole time, the baby was doing great--but K's health was getting worse.  She felt good, but they were pretty worried about her (as was I!!)

At 2:00 on Tuesday afternoon, K sent me a text that read "UPDATE!! Getting induced.  Should have baby in 24-36 hours."

WHAT?!?!  Holy balls!

(she was 34 weeks along)

I had to do so much on Tuesday night to keep myself busy and to not think about K getting induced and laboring (and to not keep texting her husband with "UPDATES! I NEED UPDATES!!!" all night long...).  I was worried, excited, so many emotions!

On Wednesday afternoon I got the text...

Baby Cora was born at 1:08 on June 22nd.  She was 4 lbs 1oz and 17 inches long.

She and mommy are doing GREAT!!

I was able to see K on Wednesday--seriously, I think after I gave birth I looked like I had just passed a piano through my va jay jay.  I looked like crap.  K, on the other hand, looked great!  She said her labor was actually okay--and she didn't get an epi or anything!

I wasn't able to see the baby because they were closely monitoring her and only immediate family was able to see her.  Yeah, I was bummed, but understood.

I was, however, able to see both K and the baby yesterday---K was doing even better-her blood pressure had gotten back to perfection! She looked awesome and said she felt good too.  Baby Cora was beautiful!! Tiny, but oh so cute!

And here she is--just one day old.

They're going to keep a close eye on her, but they suspect they'll be able to take Cora home in about a week to 10 days. :)

I am so excited for K and her husband. Parenthood is a whole new world that I know will be wonderful, exciting, challenging and everything in-between. I told K that I know the way and timeline Cora came into this world wasn't expected, but that's God's way of keeping her on her toes.  It was just prepping her for the rest of the time she needs to stay on her toes when it comes to being a mom. :)  K & N, words can't describe how happy I am for you and you're new little precious baby girl.  Welcome to the most awesome world of parenthood...

...and thanks for having a girl.  God knows I have enough girl stuff to pass down to you :)

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  1. Aww, so cute!! Congrats to the parents. I'm glad baby Cora is doing well.