Saturday, June 4, 2011

They came...we met...

Going into our "real" in person meeting was like an Internet relationship that we finally took to the next level.

And it was everything I had hoped for--and then some.

They arrived at our house and it felt immediately like I had known them for years.  We went into "hang-out" mode right away and that's pretty much what we did for the first hour or so.  They had brought us some awesome gifts from their country--they even brought games and books for the kids (which the kids loved).  Oh, and chocolate--which my kids ate up like it was candy. 

Oh was.

But it was delicious.

At around 3:00, our limo driver came and we all hopped into the stretch and took off to see my mom.  You might think this might be odd to pull my entire family in on this visit but you have to understand that my mom, though she's had 2 strokes, is still my best friend and my biggest supporter.  She wanted to meet the guys so very badly and I really wanted them to meet her.  And though I haven't asked her yet what her opinions are about the guys, I'm sure she's just as in love with them as I am.

We visited with my mom for a bit and snacked on the gift they had brought for her (and if you're reading this, T & H, I think I may have to place an order for that stuff for your next trip here!!  YUM!)

After mom's, we headed to a local cheese place to get some samples and see what Wisconsin had to offer in the cheese department (we have lots LOL).

Snacking on some cheese curds on the way home, it was nice to have the opportunity to chat with them again (blocking out our whiny kids as much as hit mega nap time on that limo ride--man, the kids were not the little angels I told them they needed to be...)

When we got home, T & H headed down to Milwaukee to check into their hotel and we had plans to meet them at the restaurant at 7:00.  With our babysitter armed with ammo (chicken nuggets, potato chips and Shrek), Jesse and I headed down to the restaurant and enjoyed a beautiful patio pre-dinner cocktail before the boys got there.

We had an awesome dinner here--I can't eat shellfish, but all the guys (T & H and Jesse) all had what looked like some amazing food!  My pasta was great, so I'm happy. :)  The company was what mattered, though, and that was pure awesomeness.

After dinner, we took the guys back to their hotel...I had to keep in mind that they were still a bit jet-lagged and by the time dinner was done, it was nearly 4:30 in the morning their time.  They did awesome with the time difference and I totally appreciate them accommodating their bodies and minds for Wisconsin.  I can't imagine that was easy.

We talked about what their ideal timeline is for transfer and I think we're all on the same page with fall-ish.  They want to make sure everything is right with their ED and don't want to rush anything, which is totally fine by me. 

Overall, I'm over the moon happy.  My husband and I got the awesome pleasure of just getting to know them better--and it solidified my gut feeling that this is so the right couple for me.  T & H are just perfect--perfect for me and my family, perfect for each other.  I am ever so grateful and blessed that this has all come together and cannot wait for "project baby" to get underway!


  1. What a great first meeting! So glad it went the way you hoped. ♥

  2. Sounds like a great meeting! I'm so happy for you and can't wait until you get your BFP! That restaurant looks nice too.

  3. How wonderful . . . now back to the cheeses ;)

  4. Awesome news about the meeting. It doesn't sound like it could have been any more perfect.