Saturday, July 30, 2011

Songs..because I know you're cool.

My iPod needs some updating.  Serious overhaul.  The 3469 songs on there aren't cutting it anymore.  I put it on shuffle and skip nearly everything.

So I need your help.

Make some suggestions for me!!

I'm a fan of ALL music types.  (I'm still working up an appetite for Country, but it's becoming more tolerable).  So, PLEASE give me your favs, your "must haves", your "I could not live without this song" ideas.  I don't care if it's a song from your favorite musical or a chart topper from 1983.  It can be a song that's played 8 million times on the radio or one I've probably never heard. I'm especially interested in songs that might give you goosebumps--whether because of the melody or the words.  I'd like some songs that I can blast in the car for my hour commute to the office, also.  And if it has the word "mutha f&#ker" in it, that's okay too. 

I make no judgements--if you guys saw half the stuff on my playlist, you'd raise an eyebrow or two...

No, I do not have the entire Milli Vanilli collection...*ahem*

Please post them in the comment box or you can send me an e-mail (jesserulli at yahoo dot com).

You peeps are this shiznit.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Teeeeeny little update on the transfer

It appears we have a guesstimate of the egg retrieval!! 

I found out yesterday that the donor had a retrieval 3 days ago--and medically she wouldn't be cleared for another one until October.  So, it's looking like they're going to try to shoot for the retrieval sometime during the week of Oct 17th.  So, that means the transfer will be right around that time as well!

I know this can change at any point, but it's kinda nice to have a general time-frame.

Oh, and I've been instructed to stay on active BCP's!  Kinda exciting that I'm leaning away from "normal" and they're starting to think about syncing us up!

Okay, when you look at it that way, it seems like a really long time away. But, having gone through this process once before, I know that time will go pretty quickly. And it's still less time than the opening release weekend of the new Twilight movie.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This Blog...

...will be pretty random for the next 2 months or so.  This is my formal "notice".

Since I'm in the waiting phase of the surrogacy process right now, I don't have many updates on the surro front.  Rather than stop blogging altogether, I will continue with total randomness from my life (which can sometimes be pretty amusing).

So, if you're reading this blog strictly for surro action, I'm terribly sorry I don't have any at the moment (but you can bet come late September, you'll be bombarded with the stuff!!)

Thank you to all my fantastic followers, public and hiding.  I heart you all!!  Hang in there--lots of good stuff to come!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Living in the boonies has its perks....

2 nights ago I was nearly asleep when I heard what I thought was a gunshot right outside my window.

And then I heard another.

I quickly got up and thought I saw a glimpse of a red light outside my window, but didn't care--I first needed to make sure the kids were okay before I started investigating.

Kids in bed? Check. All good? Check.  Me wondering how they could have slept through that really loud sound? Check.

I heard the "gun-shot" again, went to the door and saw the bright red light--I opened the door and saw this literally right above the trees on our property line:
Seriously, this was one of the best fireworks shows I've ever seen.  And they were being lit off about 50 yards from our house.  We haven't determined why there was this fantastic display, but we're just pretending it was for us.

Here's some more shots:

Living in the country has its moments.

Sometimes those moments are way cool.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So, a couple months ago I noticed that the first Twilight movie was going to be on TV. Since I was in need of a good movie to watch, I figured I’d DVR the thing and watch it some day.

A couple days after I DVR’d it I watched it.

And now I’m obsessed.

I never jumped on the Twilight bandwagon when it was cool. I rebelled against it. I figured it was a teeny bopper kind of thing that I would never be into.


So wrong.

After I watched the first movie, I ran (literally) to the library to get the second one. If they didn’t have it, I did have Plan B ready to go (immediately drive to the 24 hour Wal-Mart and buy it). Fortunately, my library had it—so I watched it. And loved it.

My friend Paula became equally as obsessed with the movies as I did-and she was smart. She bought them all. So, I borrowed the third one from her. And I loved that too.


My friend Cole called me a few weeks ago in prep for her trip to FL with her family. She asked if I recommended any books she should get for her trip. Since I had always heard that the Twilight books were better than the movie, I told her to try that and let me know what she thought.

I couldn’t wait for her review.

I ran to the library again and got the first book. I read it in 2 days.

Then I got the 2nd, 3rd and 4th and read all of them in the span of 2 weeks.

(Cole read them as fast as I did-and she’s hooked too)

Yes, the books are better than the movies (in my opinion). However, the eye candy in the films is definitely worth the watch. I *may* have just borrowed all 3 movies from Paula and I *may* watch them all again.

And again.


And I nearly just added a countdown for the 4th movie to my blog. That’s how excited I am.  Don't be surprised if you see one pop up somewhere.

My name is Jesse and I’m addicted to Twilight.

Oh crap, I can't help myself....

Twilight Breaking Dawn

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Don't Quit Before the Blessing

"Press on. Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence." -Ray Kroc

A few years ago, I attended a seminar at the Wisconsin Association of Health Underwriters conference (sounds really exciting, doesn't it??).  Usually I sign up for the seminars because I need the continuing ed credits, not because I'm horribly interested in what the person is talking about.  (hey, I'm honest)

And, like many of the other people that sit through these things with me, my head is usually down at just the right position that I can kinda look like I'm listening but really I'm more in tune to what's going on on my cell phone.

But there's one seminar I attended that I will never forget. 

It had nothing to do with insurance or politics or money.  It was about life.

The speaker was Byrd Baggett.  He was amazing.  Truly.  If any of you are in charge of hiring speakers for your organization, get him. 

I signed up for his weekly e-mails and just got one this morning and I wanted to share:

Most of us have wanted to give up at some time in life. Job pressures, marital problems and personal tragedies are a part of life. It's easy to read that "Tough times don't last but tough people do", but quotes don't help when we are trapped in the valleys of life.

Throughout your life, perhaps you'll remember this story of one of our people:

• He failed in business in '31.
• He was defeated for state legislator in '32.
• He tried another business in '33. It failed.
• His fiancĂ©e died in '35.
• He had a nervous breakdown in '36.
• In '43 he ran for Congress and was defeated.
• He tried again in '48 and was defeated again.
• He tried running for the Senate in '55. He lost.
• The next year he ran for Vice President and lost.
• In '58 he ran for the Senate again and was defeated again.
• Finally, in 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected the 16th president of the United States.

Failure is only absolute when you give up. I know of no one who hasn't been knocked down by life. The question is, do you give up or get up?

In closing, I would like to share three steps to living a life of significance:

1. Get passionately engaged in something greater than self.
2. Commit to the simple acts of daily discipline required to achieve your goals.
3. Don't quit before the blessing!

I just love this message.  Hope you like it also. :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Boys will be boys and girls will be....

boys too.

Case in point:

We can't figure this one out.

One minute she's upset because there's not enough pink in the world...the next she's chucking her clothes off while running to the nearest muddy puddle.  She'll cry and complain because she can't find her tiara but wants people to call her "Bowser".

Lord help me.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Word. Cleared.

I don't think I told you:  I got the word.  Neither me nor my husband are disease laden freakazoids! We are both medically cleared for this surro journey!  Not that I thought we wouldn't be, but it's nice to hear that fo shizzle.  So, now we wait.  And wait some more.  That's the crappy part.  But, if that's what it's going to take for me to make my awesome IF's parents, then so be it.  I'm just happy to be moving as forward as we can be right now.  October will be here before we know it, right??

I love coffee.  Okay, that was totally random, but I felt you needed to know.

Rock on blog peeps.  Enjoy your day/night/morning--wherever you are.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hi Alex Trebek, mind if I sit with you?

4 years ago I was in the waiting room of an ICU unit waiting to hear if my mom was alive.

Yesterday we celebrated her 63rd birthday.

Someday I’d like to do a post about what happened, how we dealt, etc…but today I would like to skip over all that and tell you about her. My mom. And the lovely night we had last night.

I’m an only child. I do have step-siblings, but between my mom and dad, I was it. (I like to think they stopped at perfection….bwahahahaha)

Growing up, my mom was my best friend. She still is. She was the “cool” mom that everyone wanted. My house was the place of choice to hang out. She went to every ballet recital and band concert I had. No matter how good or bad I did, she loved me just the same. She spoiled the bejesus out of me. I want to be the kind of mom she was to me.

My mom is smart, too. Like freaky smart. She’d do the Wall Street Journal crossword puzzle during her morning break at work. She had a dictionary in every room of the house-and used them. Frequently. Not because she couldn’t spell--because she liked words.

Growing up, we didn’t typically eat our meals at the dining room table. We ate in front of the TV. (gasp!) We watched Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Every night. It was my mom’s “thing” and my step-dad and I just ran with it. We’d bet a quarter for each right answer on Jeopardy and whoever guessed the “Wheel” puzzle first. No, none of us ever cashed in, but I’m guessing I’m out about $6,390, all owed to my mom.

Last night my step-dad graciously brought my mom over for dinner and to celebrate her birthday. We enjoyed a lovely meal outside, talking about life, enjoying the company. After dinner she asked me what time it was. I said it was about 5:45. Her eyes lit up and she asked “can we go watch Jeopardy?”.

So, with the help of all of us, we got her wheelchair into the house and propped her up right in front of the TV. We enjoyed her most favorite dessert (strawberry sundaes) as we all watched Jeopardy.

We talked about heaven and what it would be like for each of us. Here’s mom’s heaven: She would get into the lunch buffet line in heaven that was cooked by Ina Garten. She’d load up on Ina’s most popular dishes and get a side of salt & vinegar potato chips and a Diet Mountain Dew to drink. She’d look around the lunch room, find a gentleman eating his lunch quietly and ask him “Hi Alex Trebek, mind if I sit with you?” That’s my mom’s heaven--eating lunch with Alex Trebek, having a “question” for every “answer”.

Here's me and momma, last night.  B-day number 63 for her.

And yes, mom won again at Jeopardy last night. I owe her another $4.25.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Very Superstitious

Okay, not very superstitious, but I just have the song in my head.

So, are you superstitious?

Am I? Yes. Not over-the-top superstitious, but I’ve been known to raise an eyebrow here and there.

I remember in college, if I did well on a test or a paper, I’d usually keep the particular pen I used and think it had some magical power to make me do well. Little did I know, I think it all had to do with the amount of alcohol I consumed the night before—but let’s just run with the pen theory, shall we?

And then there's the 444 as well as the feathers thing I've got going on.  Not sure if that would be classified as superstition, but we'll roll with it.

My husband approached me yesterday with the same “are you superstitious” question. We chatted a bit and I learned of a superstition he has, which I’m amused by.

When he books a limo run, he keeps the reservation information in a clear plastic sheet cover, to protect it. Whenever he has any sort of issue when a particular limo is out doing a run, he immediately throws that plastic sheet cover away as soon as the car is home. Bad plastic karma. He actually was a little embarrassed by this and I said that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.

So, I don’t think being superstitious is a bad thing. In fact, I think it’s kinda cool.

Care to share yours?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bloggerland Lull

I feel like blogging has taken a back-burner to my ever busy, crazy, insanely on-the-go life. I hate that. Because I do like to blog. And I do like to start sentences with the word “because”. (ugh, I drive myself crazy with stuff like that)

I do have lots to say about lots of things…just can’t take the time to actually write about it.

For that, I am sorry.

Or maybe it’s a blessing! LOL

Here are some updates:

Surro Stuff
I haven’t heard back from CFA regarding the lab results, so I have really no news on that front…just kinda hanging out waiting for that and then the much longer wait for the transfer in September/October. I know one of my IF’s (T) is going to be in the States later this month and I’m really hoping he can take a detour to the land of beer and brats for a quick visit.

Life Stuff
Elliot, Emerson and London are all superb. We went Trailer Livin' over the 4th of July weekend—it was fantastic. Minus the fact that my husband had to stay home for most of the weekend dealing with limo issues (when it rains it pours), the kids and I still had a lovely time with my mother-in-law. Some photo enjoyment for you:

Seriously, this girl can sleep anywhere.
The view.  'Nuff Said.
The highlight of my weekend-seeing this chap.
I hope you all enjoyed your Holiday...even if you didn't get an opportunity to see an older gentleman with a fantastic mullet sporting the fringe jeans and "murse" (man purse).  Top that, peeps!


Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm easy! REALLY easy!

That, my friends, was Dr. Doyle's statement to me as I took my feet out of the stirrups.

And my husband's response?  "That's why I married her!"

Let me start from the beginning...

Hubster dropped the kiddos off at our friends house on Wednesday morning while I tended to a very important conference call. When he got home, we were off to the airport! (with a quick pit-stop at the auto body shop to check out the progress on limo bus number 2, which is lookin' good BTW).

We arrived at the airport and had enough time to grab a bite to a Bartolotta's restaurant nonetheless.  Who knew you could have such elegant dining at an airport!  After some fantastic people watching, we boarded the plane and were off!

The flight was uneventful--here's a view.  Was it legal for me to do that I wonder??

The rental car was uneventful (but Thank You to Dollar rental car for hooking us up with a Dodge Journey). 

We took a little drive through NYC and before we knew it, we were literally right next to the Empire State Building!  Okay, I need to give a huge SHOUT OUT to my husband.  Little did I know, he's a seasoned New York City driver.  I'm a good driver myself, but I think I would have had multiple melt-downs had I been behind the wheel.  The traffic in downtown NYC was insane-who woulda' thunk it!  (that was me being sarcastic).  There were people everywhere. 
I'm such a tourist.

The town where I live could fit into a small apartment building in NYC, so I was much out of my element. I, however, did a fantastic job at the navigation if I do say so myself (all from my little phone).

Instead of heading right up to Bridgeport, CT, we detoured to Bloomfield, NJ and I got to see where my husband spent some of his childhood.  That was pretty cool.  I kinda wanted some hairspray and glitter for some reason.

On our way up to Bridgeport, we stopped in Stamford (CT) for a bite to eat and ended up stopping at a really cool Mexican restaurant (which was totally yummy).

We got to Bridgeport, checked into our hotel and called it a night.

Thursday morning after a quick bite to eat we headed to CFA.  Sharron, who's the "go to" person for surros and IP's alike was there to greet us and show us around a bit.  We then had some blood taken and met with Dr. Doyle a bit before the review of my internal organ.  Both my husband and I felt very comfortable with everything and everyone.

Dr. Doyle did a little examination of my ute and all looked wonderful--and that's where I got the "very easy" grade!  He said he doesn't see any reason why I wouldn't get pregnant.  Woo!

After Dr. Doyle did his thing, we met with Sharron, signed a few more papers and then we were done! we wait for the blood test results. 

Jesse and I got back on the road and headed back to the City--we wanted to check out some sites before our flight.  We were able to drive around some more and I took some more "tourist" photos from the passenger side of the car:

Times Square (I think??)
Ground Zero-one of the new buildings they're putting up.
All in all, it was a really good trip.  Short, but good.  We're really looking forward to going back for the transfer--sounds like we'll have to go out on Day 2, but it will likely be a 5-Day transfer, so we'll have some time for more fun in the city! (and I'll be taking my big boy camera for that trip)

Regarding the transfer, looks like we'll be shooting for an early October one.  It's a little later than we all wanted, but none of us are on a time crunch so it's all good.  At this point we're at the mercy of the ED and the schedule is really based around her.