Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bloggerland Lull

I feel like blogging has taken a back-burner to my ever busy, crazy, insanely on-the-go life. I hate that. Because I do like to blog. And I do like to start sentences with the word “because”. (ugh, I drive myself crazy with stuff like that)

I do have lots to say about lots of things…just can’t take the time to actually write about it.

For that, I am sorry.

Or maybe it’s a blessing! LOL

Here are some updates:

Surro Stuff
I haven’t heard back from CFA regarding the lab results, so I have really no news on that front…just kinda hanging out waiting for that and then the much longer wait for the transfer in September/October. I know one of my IF’s (T) is going to be in the States later this month and I’m really hoping he can take a detour to the land of beer and brats for a quick visit.

Life Stuff
Elliot, Emerson and London are all superb. We went Trailer Livin' over the 4th of July weekend—it was fantastic. Minus the fact that my husband had to stay home for most of the weekend dealing with limo issues (when it rains it pours), the kids and I still had a lovely time with my mother-in-law. Some photo enjoyment for you:

Seriously, this girl can sleep anywhere.
The view.  'Nuff Said.
The highlight of my weekend-seeing this chap.
I hope you all enjoyed your Holiday...even if you didn't get an opportunity to see an older gentleman with a fantastic mullet sporting the fringe jeans and "murse" (man purse).  Top that, peeps!



  1. Haha!! Love the mullet guy! And your kids are adorable!

  2. Fringe jeans and fringe sleeves!