Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm easy! REALLY easy!

That, my friends, was Dr. Doyle's statement to me as I took my feet out of the stirrups.

And my husband's response?  "That's why I married her!"

Let me start from the beginning...

Hubster dropped the kiddos off at our friends house on Wednesday morning while I tended to a very important conference call. When he got home, we were off to the airport! (with a quick pit-stop at the auto body shop to check out the progress on limo bus number 2, which is lookin' good BTW).

We arrived at the airport and had enough time to grab a bite to a Bartolotta's restaurant nonetheless.  Who knew you could have such elegant dining at an airport!  After some fantastic people watching, we boarded the plane and were off!

The flight was uneventful--here's a view.  Was it legal for me to do that I wonder??

The rental car was uneventful (but Thank You to Dollar rental car for hooking us up with a Dodge Journey). 

We took a little drive through NYC and before we knew it, we were literally right next to the Empire State Building!  Okay, I need to give a huge SHOUT OUT to my husband.  Little did I know, he's a seasoned New York City driver.  I'm a good driver myself, but I think I would have had multiple melt-downs had I been behind the wheel.  The traffic in downtown NYC was insane-who woulda' thunk it!  (that was me being sarcastic).  There were people everywhere. 
I'm such a tourist.

The town where I live could fit into a small apartment building in NYC, so I was much out of my element. I, however, did a fantastic job at the navigation if I do say so myself (all from my little phone).

Instead of heading right up to Bridgeport, CT, we detoured to Bloomfield, NJ and I got to see where my husband spent some of his childhood.  That was pretty cool.  I kinda wanted some hairspray and glitter for some reason.

On our way up to Bridgeport, we stopped in Stamford (CT) for a bite to eat and ended up stopping at a really cool Mexican restaurant (which was totally yummy).

We got to Bridgeport, checked into our hotel and called it a night.

Thursday morning after a quick bite to eat we headed to CFA.  Sharron, who's the "go to" person for surros and IP's alike was there to greet us and show us around a bit.  We then had some blood taken and met with Dr. Doyle a bit before the review of my internal organ.  Both my husband and I felt very comfortable with everything and everyone.

Dr. Doyle did a little examination of my ute and all looked wonderful--and that's where I got the "very easy" grade!  He said he doesn't see any reason why I wouldn't get pregnant.  Woo!

After Dr. Doyle did his thing, we met with Sharron, signed a few more papers and then we were done! we wait for the blood test results. 

Jesse and I got back on the road and headed back to the City--we wanted to check out some sites before our flight.  We were able to drive around some more and I took some more "tourist" photos from the passenger side of the car:

Times Square (I think??)
Ground Zero-one of the new buildings they're putting up.
All in all, it was a really good trip.  Short, but good.  We're really looking forward to going back for the transfer--sounds like we'll have to go out on Day 2, but it will likely be a 5-Day transfer, so we'll have some time for more fun in the city! (and I'll be taking my big boy camera for that trip)

Regarding the transfer, looks like we'll be shooting for an early October one.  It's a little later than we all wanted, but none of us are on a time crunch so it's all good.  At this point we're at the mercy of the ED and the schedule is really based around her.


  1. Great pics and yep that's times square! Looks like you fit some good sight seeing in, cool!

  2. that's why i married my husband he was easy ;-) glad everything went great -- gotta love MKE!!

  3. Yay for being easy! :) Looks like you did soe pretty good sight seeking for a quick trip!

  4. You should meet up with Joe. He would LOVE to see you, I'm sure of it! Let me know if you are lacking his contact info.