Monday, July 25, 2011

Living in the boonies has its perks....

2 nights ago I was nearly asleep when I heard what I thought was a gunshot right outside my window.

And then I heard another.

I quickly got up and thought I saw a glimpse of a red light outside my window, but didn't care--I first needed to make sure the kids were okay before I started investigating.

Kids in bed? Check. All good? Check.  Me wondering how they could have slept through that really loud sound? Check.

I heard the "gun-shot" again, went to the door and saw the bright red light--I opened the door and saw this literally right above the trees on our property line:
Seriously, this was one of the best fireworks shows I've ever seen.  And they were being lit off about 50 yards from our house.  We haven't determined why there was this fantastic display, but we're just pretending it was for us.

Here's some more shots:

Living in the country has its moments.

Sometimes those moments are way cool.


  1. I had the show done just for you guys....a little extravagant, I know, but you're worth it! LOL!

  2. We play the "gun shots or fireworks?" game quite often where we live. I've always found it entertaining but Jeff's parents did not. AT ALL :)