Monday, August 29, 2011

6 Years Old.

Feel free to read on, it's okay.  I'm not bitching about anything.


This past weekend, we had a party to celebrate my oldest (Elliot) turning 6.  I'm not going to say "where did that time go", but WHERE DID THAT TIME GO???  6 years.  Man...

Anyway, I wanted to share some photos from the funness (that's not a word, is it?):

Yup, I made these.  A big pain in my ars, but super cute and tasty!

For those of you in the Milwaukee area, if you need a bounce house, throw me an e-mail and I'll get you the contact info of where we rented it.  It was very reasonable and a HUGE HIT with the kidlets.

E ball scored a crapload of lootage.  Lots o' Mario stuff.  Happy kid.

So, one would think the highlight of a 6 year old birthday party would be a bounce house, maybe a huge cake, the presents, right?  So wrong.

Most of our guests had left and a few of us were just hanging out when we all together heard a somewhat familiar noise.  All looking at each other at the same time, we all said "ice cream truck" in unison.  And before we knew it, this puppy was rolling down the driveway:

I can honestly say I've never seen an ice cream truck in my neighborhood.  Ever.  I'm not even in a neighborhood, I'm in the boonies.  Jesse was standing in the driveway and flagged it down as it was driving down the street.

Our own personal ice cream truck.

We all enjoyed some pretty delicious frozen treats (courtesy of my husband).  I think the driver met his quota just at my house that day!

One 6 year old down, two to go...


  1. Aww, so cute! He looks like he had a great time!

  2. Now how are you going to top that party? Don't you know you need to leave a little room for improvements? You just blew his mind away with the cute food penguins, Mario overload, bouncy fun with ice cream trucks.
    Although I keep saying I think the ice cream truck idea would be so great with pizza. How much fun and popular would a pizza truck be? You know you'd buy a slice in a heartbeat. I would!

  3. Seriously woman! How do you find the time for penguin making??? No wonder you were stressed! My goodness! Looks like the party was a total hit and you have a very happy little boy! :)