Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hot sauce, anyone?

The fam and I ventured out to the Wisconsin State Fair today.

It was people watching on crack.  What a hoot. 

It rained all day, so we couldn't hit up the midway and drop a Benjamin on some thrills for the kids.  That was a bummer, but once I bribed the children with $10 stuffed animals that I bought from a non-English speaking gent, all was well in the world.

Walking through the exhibit hall that has thousands of exhibitors selling useless things, we passed by a little old couple selling about 100 different kinds/brands of hot sauce.  There were pretzels and little dipping stations so you could try them out.  Keeping the kids as far away from this one as I could, I watched as my husband browsed a bit.  There was a special little section off to the side with about 4 different kinds of hot sauces and a sign that read "caution, these sauces will make you turn purple.  They're really hot."

A normal person would see that, ask themselves why anyone would eat it, and walk away.

Not Jesse.

He grabs a pretzel, dips that puppy in the hottest one and as he's putting it up to his mouth the little old lady goes "sir, that's WAY too much.  It's too hot".  Jesse looks at her, shrugs his shoulders and pops the thing in his mouth.

It only took a few seconds.

I seriously considered taking him to the nearest paramedic station.  I've never seen that many tears.  I've never seen him chug a beverage like that.  I've never seen him so red.  He spotted a nearby place selling $8 popcorn and bought it.  He had to.  And it still wasn't enough.

After about 15 minutes, he was able to speak again.

Is it bad that after I realized he was going to survive, that I laughed?

Normal people take pictures of their families enjoying a corn dog or they get a photo of the cute little baby pigs in the pig barn.  Not me.  I took 2 pictures today:

The Cream Puff.
Yeah, they're THAT good.

I'm sorry, but this man just amused the crap outta me.  Nice getup, dude.  I dig the socks.


  1. awwww man, no pictures of the dying

  2. Aww.. I was so wanting to see the hubby...but now I want cream puffs..thanks alot !

  3. Now I'm slapping myself on the forehead. No, I didn't get a picture of him having his hot-sauce breakdown. I now totally wished I had!! Dang!!

  4. Tease if you must but knee high compression socks are absolutely necessary if you're on your feet all day! LOL!!!

    Hilarious as usual, Jess!!

    I soooooo wish I could have seen Jesse! :)

  5. Lol! Wish I could have seen his face!

  6. Too funny! You didn't have some Wisconsin fried cheese for me? I miss your state fair.