Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A party.

Parties are neat.

Parties are fun.

Parties are a crapload of work!!

Jesse's grandpa stayed with us last week (he lives in SC).  It was lovely to have him and he's quite missed already. 

On Sunday, we decided to have a family reunion at our house.  The guest list was about 30 or so--and everyone came.  Now, I know that doesn't sound like a heck of a lot of people, but the amount of work that goes into a party of that size is pretty crazy. 

Tent rental, food, beverages, utensils, music, food, enough chairs/tables, clean house, food, lawn mowed, etc...yikes.

I wouldn't normally share my menu, but there was some bitchin' stuff and I've made a couple links to the recipes--they were all a huge hit!!
Mom's German Potato Salad (if you need a recipe, let me know--it's awesome)

PW's Spicy Pasta Salad
Fruit Kabobs
Carolina Cole Slaw
Carrot Cake Balls
And with the grilled goods and everything else everyone brought, we could have probably invited my blog followers and their cousins and still had enough.  It was tasty and fantastic-a success.

So I wanted to share some pictures from Sunday...some very random pictures...

Smart, right?  Never mind the fact that I made some kick-ass food--this is what I got compliments on.  Go figure...

My MIL made some margarita's.  I might have had 8 cups.

We had these posted inside the tent we rented.  Because we're weird.  But it's hilarious. 
I know what you're thinking.  She's such a dainty little thing, isn't she?
And there's grandpa.  Couldn't quite make the whole day without a little snoozer.


  1. How fun!!!! I can't believe you had Lionel at your party! You rock!

  2. LMAO!! The Lionel picture cracked me up! And I have to say, that is a really good idea to put pictures on top of the coolers...I'm stealing that idea!

  3. Love the pics! I cracked up at the Lionel funny! :) Mmmm, margaritas!! I MISS me some summery adult beverages!

  4. Love that grandpa had to sneak in a snoozer. Love the tutu skirt and dirty legs on your princess. Aren't kids fun? Miss you!