Saturday, September 3, 2011

Birthday Schmirthday

So yesterday was my birthday.  I'm still 29 (for the past 4 years).

I so wanted it to be a good day.  So very badly I did.

But it wasn't.

There's a "grand scheme" in a bit--so all is not lost.

The morning progressed as any other day--I worked from home, had some coffee, no biggie.  Mr husband did have to take the party bus to the shop AGAIN yesterday morning because on Thursday night we think we might have put a bit of a hole in the ozone layer.  Big issue.  The line that feeds the huge air conditioning unit in the back of the bus decided to just break, snap, whatever.

Anyway, husband expected the bus to be back by around noon-ish or so.  That would allow him to work on the final touches to get it ready for the run it had on Saturday.  Then, we planned to drop the kids off at my dad's house and go out for a nice dinner, just the two of us.  Good plan, right?

Yeah, notsomuch.

The mechanic never called to tell us that the bus was fixed.  At about 4:30 (we had planned to leave for dinner around 5) Jesse drove to the shop to see what was up.

Long story short, there are now 3 more issues with the bus and there's no way it could go out today for it's maiden voyage.

More $$ gone.
And no dinner and over priced piece of cake with a candle in it for me.

Since we had planned to see my mom before dinner, I still wanted to do that--so I packed the girls in the car and went to visit her.

That was awful.

If I didn't know better, I think she might have either just had or was having a mini stroke.  I cried the whole time.  Her head was resting on her shoulder and she wouldn't pick it up, her eyes were darting all over the place.  They assessed her while I was there--her BP was good, but her pulse was high.  They promised me to keep a closer eye on her, but the nurses didn't seem as concerned as I was.  I left crying as my mom kept saying to me "I'm sorry".


On a positive note, I phoned the nursing home around 9:00 last night and they said she looked much better than she had.  So, they're not sure what it was but assured me they would let me know the minute something changed.  I also spoke with the nurse this morning and they said she's "fine" and back to normal--I'm going to see her this morning to do my own little "assessment".  But I do feel better about it now.

(on a side note, could you please add my surro friend Tiffany to your prayer list?  She just recently had a successful transfer and is preggo with one little bean--but she lost her mother this morning.  It's truly so sad and I ask that you please say a little prayer for her)

After my visit with mom, I stopped at DQ and bought myself a birthday cake.  I wanted cake, dammit.  And it was awesome.

Yeah, okay.  So I got one with a big ass fish on it.  After the day I had, it made me laugh and that is why I got it.

There were a couple things that happened during the day that definitely made me smile (and cry good tears).

First of all, I got a little delivery. 

These BEAUTIFUL flowers came from my dear friend, Jeni.  That and a box of chocolates.  Yeah, she rocks hardcore.

I got a "present" via text message from my friend, Cole.  I will leave it at that, but just know that I smiled.

And finally, after all the rigmarole with the bus, I got this card from my husband:
So yeah, my husband (along with the help of Steve Jobs) is getting me an iPad.
I don't have it yet, not sure when I'll get it, but it's still MEGA awesome and I'm so pumped!

Here's my "grand scheme".  It's just another day on the calendar, right?  I have my health, my family, great friends--on the crudiness scale, my day really wasn't as bad as I am making it out to be.  So, I was just an over-emotional birthday day punk.


  1. Oh my goodness...I can't believe your day got even worse after you went to your Mom's. I'm so sorry. :( However...the iPad is friggin' AWESOME!!! You're gonna love it!

    P.S. The fish cake??? Yeah...that is SO a "Jesse" thing to do. It only SLIGHTLY concerns me that they actually HAVE that Edible Image! :)

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  3. I get the SAME way about "big days," be it Mother's Day, our anniversary, or my birthday. I'm an emotional mess, even without the actual emotional events you dealt with. I'm so sorry about your mom. I hope it was just a extra bad day for her. I will definitely keep her (and you) in my prayers.

  4. Happy belated birthday. What a bummer of a day. I'd totally have whined way more than that with a lot more f-word. Sending you love! Let me know when you're up for a date to hand off that bag! XOXO.

  5. So glad your mom is ok- I enjoyed talking with her during my clinical rotation at "the rock"- although i didn't get to care for her- chatting with her was a highlight of my day!