Sunday, September 25, 2011

Don't bug me...I'm watching TV

Okay, I really never say that....I mean I don't say that often.

I kinda like TV.  I kinda love my DVR. 

Since I feel like I have nothing to blog about lately, I'm gonna lay down for you the shows I watch, the shows I feel like if my DVR craps and doesn't record, I will collapse into the fetal position and cry for endless hours. Too bad there's no way one could watch TV shows on the world wide web.

(yeah, I know there is.  It's just not the same.)

Not sure if this will give you a glimpse into my life and personality-but hey, it's something to blog about.

And in no particular you go:
(I put a star next to the ones my husband watches with me)

The Pioneer Woman
Harry's Law
Modern Family
Up All Night *
Storage Wars *
Grey's Anatomy
Pawn Stars *
Restaurant Impossible
Private Practice
Bar Rescue *
Great Food Truck Race
Deadliest Catch *
Top Chef
Real Housewives (New York, Orange County & New Jersey)
Ghost Hunters
Tosh.o *
Rocco's Dinner Party
Any Green Bay Packers game *

For some really wrong and obsessive reason, I thought this list was gonna be longer.  I keep telling myself I need to cut some shows.  But I can't.  I can't do that to Barry from Storage Wars.  I can't do that to Captain Sig.  Rocco, you're hot-I would miss you.  Kate Walsh, I think you're a horrible actress, but I'm sucked into your story lines.  Meredith, are you going to stay with Derek?? I must know.  Chumlee, you're such an idiot but you make me chuckle.  And to my favorite TV couple-Cameron and Mitchell-you make my life complete. 

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  1. Rico Rodriguez is my 2nd cousin. :) Just a little unimportant stranger trivia for ya. :) I get no perks out of it though...I moved away before Rico was even born so never even met him.