Thursday, September 8, 2011

Green and Yellow

So yeah, the Green Bay Packers are kind of a big deal.  Especially when you live an hour from Green Bay.

For you non-sports people (usually me), I'll debrief.  The Packer's "kicked off" the regular season tonight against the Saints.  At home.  Pregame was complete with Maroon 5 (side note: had I been able to bail on my kids and head up to GB catch a looky at Adam Levine, I would have), Lady Antebellum and Kid Rock.

I chose to catch up on some DVR'd episodes of Ghost Hunters instead of drooling over Adam.  Yes, I'm still questioning my decision.  Oddly enough, the second I was done with the latest GH (which is a pretty decent show, by the way), Kid Rock was belting out his last note.  At least I think he was.  Maybe he was lip syncing, but I don't think so.  Sorry, where was I?  Oh yeah, Kid Rock.  So, he finishes up and the game is about to start.

And then I got emotional.

Might have even shed a tear.

First, the team takes the field.  C & C Music Factory blows up over the speaker system and the Super Bowl Champs run out.  No tears yet, but I had goosebumps.  I think it's just the excitement of it all, the anticipation of what's gonna happen, the cute butts, Aaron Rodgers (hottie!!), who knows.

And then Jordin Sparks starts on the National Anthem.  Cue the tear.

Seriously, I don't care who you are or what instrument you're playing.  The minute I hear that song, I'm done.  I don't cry every time, but I definitely get an overwhelming sense of pride as I listen.  And if you sing or play it correctly and in tune, all the better.

And then there's the Air Force (I think??) jet fly-over.  How flippin cool is that, right?

So I watched the entire game.  Elliot kept asking me when I was going to turn the channel.  Apparently mommy got into the game a bit and was yelling at the TV.  I have no proof except a little boy that said "mom, don't yell so loud. You scared me".


The Packers won, but thank goodness I have manicured nails.  Else, I would have been biting them near the end.


Here's why my driveway looked like this morning:

Everything going up to Lambeau.
Cheesehead Limo.  Where a Cheesehead can be a Cheesehead.
Green and yellow, baby.


  1. I think Bart Starr being there too was definately cool!

  2. I thought baseball season was over?

  3. You're such a cheesehead! Geez! :)

    National Anthem and Pomp and Circumstance get me every time! I will admit though, if it's sung out of key, or the words are botched, all tears go away and eye rolling commences. I'm such a snob! :)