Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nerd Alert

I'm sitting in my hotel room and I'm lounged out on the bed.  On my lap, I have my laptop.  To my left I have my iPad and my iPhone.  To my right I have the remote to the TV and the remote to the DVD player.

I'm a nerd.

On a way cooler note, I am in a hotel room. 

By myself.

With no kids.

TV to myself.

A glass of wine.

PJ's went on at 5:00 pm.

Pizza delivered.

Twilight showing on the TV.

Heaven?  Yes.


  1. BOOYAH! That's the life right there! :)

  2. Twilight yummmmm.... Enjoy your break!

  3. Where was my invite? :)

  4. Jealous! I love my kids and family, but there's nothing like getting away for a few days! :D

  5. I guess heaven will be soon over for me:)