Monday, October 10, 2011

Good Things

My life is surrounded by “good things”. Call me Ms. Stewart. 

The Lupron shots are going fine. I knew they would be—they’re easy peasy. Can’t even feel them. However—the Lupron is giving me MEGA headaches. Like migraine-esque.   Not cool, Lupron. Though this is not a "good thing", the fact that I'm taking Lupron is.  So, we'll roll with it.  I scheduled my first appt with my local RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist)—Dr. Doyle’s office basically sent them the order and they’ll just perform the ultrasound and lab work and send it back to CFA so we know where I’m at (make sure my ovaries are suppressed, for those that REALLY want to know).  I will only have 2 monitoring appointments locally--this one and another in the beginning of November.  Then, it's transfer time, baby!

I rescheduled my trip with Cole!! Yay!! We found a weekend that worked and there’s no backing out now-the non-refundable hotel is paid for. (And Jeni, we’ll so have to plan Denver for the next time fo shizzle) Cannot.Wait.

Brew-Crew, Pack & Badgers. It’s a good time to be a Wisconsinite! The Brewers are on their way to playing in the World Series (not quite yet, but getting there!!).  Beast Mode!   The Green Bay Packers are now 5-0 and the Badgers are kicking some University arse.  When our teams are winning, everyone in Wisconsin seems to be in a good mood.  So, keep it up, guys!!

Yours in good things,


  1. We're the same here in Motown! Tigers in the playoffs and Lions with a 5-0 start to the season. Add that to changing colors on the trees and cooler nights and I'm a happy girl!

    Tell Cole I said hi when you talk to her next. I haven't done so in forever! Her kids have to be driving by now. LOL

  2. Hi Tans! Long time, no see. :) I hope you're doing well. My kids are 7 and 5 and both in school. *sniff sniff*

    Jesse, so excited about our trip. Not so excited for the Lupron headaches. F* off and leave my friend alone, headaches! But leave her in good shape for an awesome transfer. Domo.