Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We have a timeline!!

I got the e-mail today I have been waiting for since April...the timeline.  The calendar.  The "Protocol for Fresh Embryo Transfer".

Alright people, can I get a "woo" and a "hoo" please??


It is, however, bittersweet.

You see, months ago (when the transfer was still targeted to be in October), I had made plans with my best friend (Cole) to meet up in Indianapolis for a long weekend--the weekend of November 18th.  It was perfect.  We could see each other (which we haven't in a year) and go see Twilight in its opening weekend together.  Looking forward to it was an understatement.  I was ecstatic.

And now I have to cancel on her.  And I feel terrible about it.

Cole, if you're reading this, I'm so sorry.  I know you understand, but please know how terrible I feel about having to reschedule.  I know you'll be cool with it because that's how best friends are and I thank you for that.  XO

(and we're already discussing "make-up" dates, so I WILL get to see her this year.  We'll just have to find other trouble to get into than hitting up a movie theatre.  Hmmm...a fun city with my best girl...what CAN we do???)

Back to the timeline:  Like I said before, I've never been so excited to shoot myself with a needle--and I get to start Lupron injections on Saturday!  That's when it all starts to become so real.  Thankfully, I know how Lupron affects me-and I'm happy to say I do pretty well with it.  I remember some headaches here and there, but nothing too wacky.  I'm ready! 

The donor’s egg retrieval is anticipated to be between November 14th and November 18th.  The embryo transfer will occur 3-5 days after the retrieval.

I will likely get those ++ pregnancy tests right around Thanksgiving!  (and I may have just bought 24 tests online....*blush*)

This is the start of something very amazing and wonderful and I couldn't be more excited!!  And if I'm this excited being the surrogate, I can't imagine how excited T & H are!

Let's DO THIS!!


  1. Get it girl!!!! I will follow soon after you!!!! (I HOPE!)

  2. yay!! so excited for you and your IPS :)

  3. What the hey! I commented on this post earlier today! It went something like this:

    I will give ya a WOO and a HOO!! I can hardly wait! And as far as your rescheduled trip with Cole goes...might I suggest Denver? It's lovely here in December! ;)

  4. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not far away!!!

  5. I'm bummed too but we will work it out on new dates and have just as much fun. It'll be a shame not to see the lovely Edward together but if this is the biggest hurdle we face in friendship, then we're doing great. Love you and so happy to see you have a timeline and can get this party (in your uterus) started!