Wednesday, November 23, 2011


What that little "lingo" post title means is that I am currently 3 days past (3dp) a 5 day transfer (5dt).

And I've got nuthin'.

Well, I did take a test today and it was bfn (big fat negative), which is totally expected. It's still extremely early to get a positive test.  In fact, even day 4-5 might be too early as well.  But I'll keep trying!!

I have been a little crampy here and there--could I attribute that to implantation?  Sure.  Maybe the progesterone and/or estrogen I'm on?  Sure.  So, I'm not sure how meaningful the cramps are.

I'm pretty tired today, too.  Again, not sure if that's because of the meds, because I didn't sleep well (which I did, though) or because I truly am starting to experience pregnancy symptoms.

Oh, and I had a short fuse today once.  Maybe twice.
I've got a busy few days ahead of me to celebrate Thanksgiving, but I will try to take it easy and will for sure be squeezing in a test here and there.

Please continue to pray and send us lots of "sticky" vibes!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!  I am so very thankful for so many things, including you.


  1. Sending you tons of sticky vibes!!!

  2. Sticky, sticky, sticky!

    I had the cramping too...but it was when I felt tired that I knew!

    I think you're pregnant, girl!


  3. Hope your feeling the sticky vibes!!!

  4. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and the IFs.

  5. Our surrogate has done this twice before us and the pinchycrampy made her convinced it stuck!
    I think you're preggo :)
    Good luck!

  6. Oh golly good luck. This part is so nerve-wracking! Hang in there and don't stress!! Thinking good thoughts all the way over here in the islands!!!

  7. Waiting and hoping for your BFP!!!

  8. So excited! I could not seem to get logged into post from home. I was doing the happy dance for you when I heard the news. This is amazing!