Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Did someone say "next week"??

First of all, MASSIVELY HUGE congrats need to be given to my "ling-lost" BFF, Jeni.  She gave birth to her surro twins this past weekend!!  And honestly, when I think about these babies coming into the world, I cry.  I am so overjoyed for Jeni and her IF's (Farid and George).  Jeni has been such a support for me and such an awesome friend-there's no words to tell her how excited I am for her!  Jeni, you are a rockstar.  The BOMB DIGGITY.  I can't tell you how happy I am that we "met" and how happy I am for you and this journey you were on. 

Here is the birth story of Jeni's surro twins.

Again, congrats girl!!

As for me--well, I'm ready for this transfer to happen!!  My guys will be flying to the States on Friday!! Like, as in THIS Friday!!  AACK!  They need to be ready to make their "contribution", whenever that may be.

And here's where I start biting my acrylic nails.
The egg retrieval will be next week!

Deep breath.

I will have to travel for 5 days.  And I only get a 4-day notice on my travel dates.

More deep breaths.

I am a planner.  A huge planner.  I put everything on my calendar. Everything.  Sometimes, I even schedule grocery shopping.

For me to not know these travel dates--it's making me a little insane. Yes, I knew this going into it and I'm doing as much as a I can to keep myself busy and as organized as possible so that when I get "the call", I will be ready to go. But still.  It's hard.  Remember how psycho I got when I had the med-screening and had to leave for like 24 hours? Yeah, this is a 5 day trip.

And there's a possibility that 5 days MAY go into Thanksgiving.

Which, on one hand, would suck.  But on the other hand, I would be in NYC on Thanksgiving day and that might rock just a bit.

Anyway, I would like to say again--the egg retrieval will be NEXT WEEK.

Did you hear me??? NEXT WEEK!!!
Deep breaths.

I have been matched with the most awesome guys since April 19th. We've waiting 7 months.  And I now can say the words "NEXT WEEK". 


  1. Hey! I am going to be in NYC on Thanksgiving day! Victor and I are going away for a kid free weekend. Facebook me if you are there too! Would be fun to catch coffee!

  2. That's awesome news girl!! And um yeah NYC on Thanksgiving is THA SHIZZ, just sayin.. So excited for you!!

  3. woohoo!! let the countdown begin!!

  4. It all seems to fly by doesn't it? Good luck!!