Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Final Beta

So I had my last beta today.

You'd think since it was a good strong number last week Friday that I would have had a decent weekend with some sighs of relief.


Sure, I felt good about the number, but there is always this "what if".  And, the last time I had a chemical pregnancy my 2nd beta was fine, it was the 3rd beta where we saw the numbers drop.

So yeah, I've been antsy since Friday.

Blood was drawn bright and early this morning.  Had a client meeting most of the morning and I so wanted to keep checking my phone during the meeting, but I figured that would look kind of crappy in front of a new client.  I stayed strong and didn't look like an ass. 

The minute I walked out of my meeting the phone rang and I saw it was a Connecticut number.

Oh crap.  Do I answer it?  Do I let it go to voicemail?  Do I want to know?


I answered it and my angel nurse Sharron said once again "everything is great".

Beta today is 1,355.

NOW I will put my mind at ease.....

....until the ultrasound.  (December 20)

Holy crap! I'm legitimately preggo!


Oh, and PS--I want to give out a congrats to Mike and Tony.  They're beautiful baby girl was born just a couple days ago via a surrogate.  I can't comment on your blog, guys, but please know that I am so happy for you!! She is perfect and I want to sqeeze her cheeks!!


  1. I love it. Way to drag out the punch line. CONGRATS! Now go get some sleep or just relax. It's legit! :-)

  2. Yay for great beta #'s!! Super excited to follow you on your surro journey :)

  3. WOOHOO!!! Ur knocked up!!!!! So happy for you! :)

  4. Yayyyyyyy! That's awesome! Great beta! So excited for you and your IF's!!!

  5. Yaaaaaaaaay!! So excited for ya!! xo