Monday, December 12, 2011

I like the color pink...most days...

Pink is my favorite color.

Except when it's put in front of the word "eye" and wreaking havoc on my house.

Yup, it happened.  First Elliot, then London, now Emerson and I (daddy's immune system is rockstar.  He NEVER gets sick.  Ever.)


Since last weekend (not like 2 days ago, like over 9 days ago) my house has been filled with lots of snot, whining, crying, and misery. 

And it just wasn't me doing that all!

Elliot is finally back to school today--we had to call him in every day last week!  Poor kid.  Hope he remembered how to write his name.

London seems a bit better.  Her eyes were only glued shut 2 days last week. 

Emerson is worse.  If I didn't know better, I'd say she was the spawn of Satan.  I know that's awful of me to say, but the whites of her eyes....aren't.  They're nearly red.  Poor thing.  She acts okay-no other symptoms--just red, gobby eyes.  I'm doing lots o'research on what to do.  It's 50/50 on whether antibiotics will help Emmy or not.  And Lord knows there's no way I could ever get an eye drop in her eye.  So, I will just let it run it's course for a couple more days and see what happens. 

Mommy is eh.  Sore throat, runny nose and cough for about a week.  I couldn't open my one eye this morning.  So sexy.  I'm stuck because of being pregnant (gosh, I love saying that).  Pregnant ladies are limited in what they can take-medicine wise.  So I haven't taken anything.  Gonna down some extra Vitamin C tonight and pray for a miracle.  Might have been a good idea to take stock in the Kleenex Corp. a couple weeks ago.  Lord knows I probably just sent their CEO to the Caribbean.


  1. You poor thing! This is just the pits!

    I hope your household is ALL better SOON!

    Virtual HUGS coming your way.

    *I wouldn't hug you in real life right now for a million bucks!

  2. Get that household better, mama!
    I have to admit, when I started reading this, I started singing Pink by Aerosmith. Go listen.
    Love you.

  3. This sounds a little crazy, but a friend told me that breastmilk can help cure pinkeye when one of my kids had it last year. If you by some freak of nature still have some in the freezer or have a "supplier," give it a try. Google this idea for specific instructions...if you're willing to use breastmilk medicinally.


    Your friendly neighborhood dirty hippie...

    P.S. Get well soon.

  4. So sorry your feeling bad. You can try Johnsons baby shampoo to help clear that ucky stuff out of your eyes. We tell our patients to do that at my office. Or, if that doesn't work they sell homeopathic eye drops everywhere and they are magic. Its the only thing that has seemed to work for me and they are completely safe. Hope your feeling better soon!