Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My cravings are legit (ultrasound results)!

Last night I had an amazingly disturbing dream about my forthcoming ultrasound.  I had to drop trou in front of 8 different doctors; and instead of anything "normal" showing up on the ultrasound screen, all we saw were dancing monkeys.


So I had the ultrasound today.  And boy was I nervous.  Like heart beating fast, nearly shaking kind of nervous.

They put "the wand" where it needed to go.  First, he checked my ovaries (all good), then checked the uterus. 

And it was the most amazing site.

We saw one beautiful little bean!!!

And this little bean has a heartbeat!!  128 bpm to be exact.

Here's the little beauty (you'll hear the heartbeat around the 40 second mark):

When the doctor first measured it, he got 6 weeks, 5 days (which is fine), but then he measured it again after this video and got it a true 7 weeks (which is what I am today).  Either way, all is good.

Happy?  I am.

Relieved?  You bet.

Hungry?  Yes.

And to go back to the title of this post--yup, I've had a craving.  Just one.  But a very specific one.  Maraschino cherries.

Overall, it's been one of the most satisfying mornings thus far on this journey.  The sound of a 7 week old heartbeat is truly the most amazing sound in the world.  I feel an odd sense of calm right now.  In a good way.  A really good way.

My name is Jesse and I am 7 weeks pregnant with an amazing miracle.


  1. Yeah Jesse!!! Congrats. I bet your IF's are over the moon. Now the fun begins. I would love to say the worry goes away after the first ultrasound but I think I finally believe I am pregnant at 23 weeks! Congrats again.


  2. WOOOHOOO! I was soo happy to read this, you made my day!! CONGRATS all around!! xoxoxo!

  3. Wooooooooooooooooo

    I'm just lovin' this, girl!

    Congratulations all around!

    P.S. You didn't tell me about the having to drop trou in front of 8 doctors! That's the disturbing part! Lol!

  4. Congratulations! I know, I was almost shaking with nerves the day of my first ultrasound, too! My beta's were extremely high so I was terrified we had 2 (not the goal). It's so relieving to see and hear that little gummy bear!

  5. So awesome. Those daddies must be so happy!

  6. Yay Jesse!!!
    Now go get them cherries!

  7. WOOT! WOOT!! I am so happy for you!

  8. i'll never forget hearing that heartbeat for the first time. it was love and first sight/sound...whatever! CONGRATULATIONS to you and the boys in Prague! Awesome! Oh, and Happy Holidays :-)

  9. Congratulations. This is such great news.

  10. jumping up and down with excitement!!!!!! congrats Jesse and boys!!!

  11. I'm so excited for you Jesse! Congrats girlie!!

  12. YAYYYY! Congratulations. And one. One is perfect!!!