Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 weeks!!

You heard right, folks. 10 weeks already!

And as a celebratory act, I had an ultrasound today!! Okay, it wasn’t by choice, but ultrasounds are often quite awesome and I was happy to have one.

And I saw the little bean. And he/she is perfect! The heart rate was 168 and “it” is measuring 10 weeks, 2 days. 

The RE said I was doing “great work” and he was sad to not see me anymore. And the reason??? I’VE BEEN RELEASED TO MY OB!!


Not that I'm excited to leave the RE (their office was always great), but I'm excited to go back to a doc that I know.  That knows me.  That delivered all 3 of my kids.  That plays Styx songs in the exam room while he examines me (seriously, he does this).  My doc rocks and I'm happy to set up my once a month date with him for the next few months.

Oh, and some more good news—as of today, I’m a weaner!! I officially start weaning off the meds! In 2 weeks, I’ll be done with everything but the daily vitamin.

Can I get a Ya and a Hoo please??


  1. That's awesome!! Congrats.. sounds like you have an amazing OB!

  2. You're a weaner! The BIGGEST weaner I know! :-)

    Yay on 10 weeks!

  3. Yaaaaaaaaa to almost being done with meds! No more feeling like a human pin cushion!

  4. Styx songs. That's AWESOME! Congrats on being a weaner and welcome to the weiner club. Sorry, bad humor :=/

  5. Careful with Yahoo:) I want the kid to have the right religion from the beginning. LOL.

  6. rock on Jesse! Congrats on 10 weeks, this is a huge milestone! It's going by so quickly already!

  7. Great news! I know how excited you are to go back to your OB. I would be the same way. Great (and cute) doctors are hard to find. lol

    That's great about the meds.

  8. Hooray. That's wonderful news. Happy to hear all is good in your baby makin' world.

  9. Yay for being in the double digits! Ya and Hoo for being a weaner too!