Saturday, January 21, 2012

Something I love...#3

I do.  I love this show.

And I got to see Grant (on the left) and Jason (on the right) last night!! They were at The Riverside Theater in Milwaukee --just the 2 of them talking about the show, their experiences and what not.  Elliot (my 6 year old) is a pretty big fan of the show as well, so we took him--and he loved it.  He thought it was so cool to see these guys in "real life". 


  1. The girls must have watched 20 episodes of that show. Then one episode had them in tears with fear and they had to have every last light in the house blazing, 24/7. Once that happened, Mama banned that show forevermore. LOL!

  2. You should try watch American Horror Story on FX. SUUUUUPER SCARY.

  3. Sorry... this is all my fault!!! So is this better than Paranormal State?