Sunday, February 26, 2012


So I've developed a crafty bug.  Like I need to do something crafty....fulfill my inner Martha.

I have no idea where this came from.

I have no time to be crafty.

Nor have I ever really been crafty.  I leave that to other people and then I just buy it.

But I made this today:

I got the idea from 2 places.  The first was Pinterest.  If you're not on Pinterest, check it out.  It's addicting.  And awesome.  The second is my cousin Jodi--she also got the idea from Pinterest but then actually did it and showed me a picture.  And she said she loves it.  So I decided to copy her.

And though it didn't take much craftiness for me to whip this masterpiece up, I'm happy with it.  And I honestly think I *may* just be a little more organized because of it.  As you can see it's just a weekly "calendar" of sort--something to lay out certain things that need to happen on any given day of the week.

Here's how you do it:  Buy a picture frame.  Put your choice of paper in place of photos.  Use a dry erase marker to write on the glass.

Go me.

Yours in craftiness,

PS...yeah, I'm aware I overused the word "crafty" in this post.  Sorry 'bout that.


  1. Such a cute idea...never thought of that! Thanks for sharing! -S

  2. Your craftiness with this crafting business creates in me a desire to be more crafty with my crafts.

    Thanks Martha.


  3. i should go back and re-read this post as a drinking game. crafty? shot!!

    note i said I SHOULD. because i'm not pregnant with another man (men's?) who isn't my husband's baby. or something.