Tuesday, February 7, 2012


14 weeks today!

Not too much new to report in land o'pregnancy. 

I've broken down and decided that maternity pants are the only way to go.  I could still squeeze into regular pants, but yeah, not so comfy.  I'll get ya'll some belly pics soon!

Today was the first day my husband said "man, you actually look pregnant".  I took it as a compliment.

I've been getting some funky headaches lately and I'm not sure if that's due to my sinuses (have had a lingering cold for about a week) or if it's my family driving me crazy or maybe the weather?  They're not life altering, but something I'll mention to the doc the next time I go in.

Other than that, life is good!  Nothing too new!

Since this post could be classified as B-O-R-I-N-G, I'll throw some pics your way...
I like these kids.  A lot.
Might you be asking why Elliot is wearing his snow pants in the house?  Uh, 'cause they look like overalls.  Mario wears overalls.  Elliot is Mario.
Oh, and that plywood thing in the background, yeah, I'll explain that some other day...

Kid drawings are cool.


  1. I can't believe you're 14 weeks already...the time is flying by!

    Sorry to hear about your headaches. That sucks big time.

    I love the overalls and I am now VERY curious about the plywood structure.

    I demand belly pics. PRONTO!

  2. can't wait to see belly pics! love that he's repping the packers :)

  3. Why yes, what is that plywood structure over yonder?? LOL! And BELLY PICS NOW! Please and thank you! LOL!! I can't believe how fast it is going by OMG!!

  4. Yes, Jeni is right on. Belly pictures!! Demanded and must be delivered. The motion has been seconded (is that even a word?) Doesn't matter, you must comply.

    I hope the headaches go away. Those are never fun. I love seeing the kids since you won't accept my request to mail them UPS to me for a visit.

  5. The time is really flyin'. When I was pregnant it seemed like time almost stood still.

    Cole, and yes, seconded is a word. Motion passed! Belly pics please!

  6. Good One...


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