Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's not his!

I was able to experience my first "it's not his" regarding me being preggo and it not being my husband's.

We were having dinner with the Cheesehead Limo drivers and their spouses (something we do once a year as a Thank You for their hard work).

The conversation went like this:

Me (looking at the menu):  "Oh man, this place is dangerous for a pregnant lady!"
Driver M: "What?  You're pregnant??"
Me:  "Yes, but it's not Jesse's (husband).  We actually don't even know who the father is."
Everyone at the table goes silent.  And their eyebrows raise up.

And then, of course, I went into the entire story for everyone.

Is it wrong that I mess with people?  Ultimately I do tell everyone the entirety of what I am doing (because I absolutely LOVE talking about it).  But come on, it's okay that I have a teeny bit of fun with it, right??


  1. Bwahahahaha! I busted out laughing reading that!! I'm still laughing, that's hilarious! And umm, yeah it's TOTALLY ok to mess with people, we plan on doing lots of that! LOL!

  2. THIS is AWESOME. Our surro had a similar guys are amazing. THANK YOU.

  3. Oh yes...have fun!! My husband loves it too! We were tailgating a football game and he was talking with one of my IF's and was telling people around him that he was talking to the father of his wife's baby and when people gave him an odd look he then told them...Don't worry, it's not hers either!

    Congrats and enjoy it.

  4. My husband can't get enough of telling those jokes! The best was a company Christmas party.. waited until people had a few minutes with the open bar - and then blow their mind! LOL
    My oldest is 6 and she will randomly tell people who ask her if she knows if mommy is having a boy or girl 'Well, it's a boy but it's not mine. Mommy is having a baby for two boys who live very far away.' Typically she just walks away and I LOVE that she thinks it's totally normal and requires no further explanation :)

  5. this is why i love you. only you're nicer than me, i'd let them sweat it out a bit before telling people the real deal.

  6. HAVE to do stuff like that. What good is a unique pregnancy situation if you don't use it for a little humor!

  7. Not only is it completely OKAY - I think it's a total requirement. You're not a true GS until you've messed with people LOL.

    DH used to get such a kick out of it. "Awww your wife is pregnant again?"
    DH: "Yep, and the babies aren't even mine."
    Me: "Nope, I got pregnant by three men and another woman. Hubby even watched." (Three men = my IFs + the RE, other woman = ED)

  8. I love it and it's perfectly in line with your sense of humor.

  9. LOL!!! I can't wait to start messing with people!!

  10. !!!!!
    Oh man this is fun. When I told my work I followed it up with, well since I'm starting to show... And you could see their minds grinding to a hault :)

  11. Life has more than its share of drudgery. When you can kick someone in the pants like that and wake them up, you're doing them a favor! It's a funny story they can tell others then too...

    I'm diggin' it.