Thursday, March 8, 2012

Minor Scare...but all is good.

We had our first scare this morning.

Not to get into the gross details, but let's just say I was bleeding a bit when I woke up.

I freaked.

My doctor's office wasn't open yet, so I contacted the "after hours" people.  I spoke with a nurse, told her my "issues" and though she assured me it wasn't emergent, I should still probably follow up with my doctor's office in the next few days.

Uh, yeah.  How about I just follow up with them right away, huh?

So right away when they opened up, I told my doc's nurse the situation and they said to come on in and they can check me out.

I was kinda hoping for a quick ultrasound, but that wasn't necessary.  They checked the baby's heart beat (156) and I could still feel it moving around, so those were both great signs.  He looked at my cervix (yes, literally) and said due to the fact that I'm on my 4th pregnancy, my cervix may have a tendency to bleed...on the outside.  The shop is still quite closed up (that's what we want) and there was nothing to be concerned about.


He said what likely caused it was some heavy lifting (uh, my 4 year old daughter is over 50 pounds) or some "rough" sex.  Though my husband would like to take credit for it all, it wasn't that.

Sorry, hun.

Bed-rest is not necessary, but I've been instructed to more or less "hang low" the next 2 weeks, which I plan on doing.  Maybe this will give me an opportunity to get that belly shot for you guys!!

The bleeding has stopped, so I'm thankful all seems to be good.

But man, what a way to freak a girl out!!


  1. Glad you checked out ok...scary!!!

  2. I know the dr's always a small amount of bleeding is pretty normal during pregnancy but it's still scary! I'm so glad that everything is fine. Take it easy Jesse.

  3. Can't imagine the panic, especially this late in the game. Glad everything is ok!

  4. Happy to hear everything is ok.

  5. Like I already told is telling you to take it easy!

    Rough sex. Wow. I'm hating the fact that I am a visual person right about now...

  6. Poor guy really thought something of himself! No more "baby" lifting. Keep that bun cookin'!


  7. I bled badly with two of my pregnancies, and both those kids are perfecto! But, do take it easy!!