Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Please go read this

My awesome surro friend, Jeni, did an amazing blog post and I absolutely have to share it.

A Surrogate's Point Of View

Please, go read it.  Well written and speaks to everything as I see it.

(Thank you, Jeni, for writing such an awesome thing!!)


  1. Awww....thanks for sharing! <3

  2. Reading through your blog. Jeni was my initial contact with Circle...I am now matched and awaiting my medical eval and contracts. Reading your journey gives me butterflies and excites me for the days, weeks and months to come! Thank you for sharing!
    Jeni, thank you for the page expresses my feelings about surrogacy too so I shared it with my FB friends who are curious about these same issues. Thank you for putting the feelings into words for all to read.

  3. I've been reading through your blog and each time I get to a new post I get butterflies of excitement. Jeni was my initial contact at I'm matched, awaiting my med eval and contracts. I can't wait to begin my own journey. Thank you for sharing yours.
    Jeni, thank you for putting emotions into words for all to see. I shared your page for all my FB friends to read through so they may be able to see where I'm coming from. I have already been overwhelmed with support and well wishes for my journey, but that doesn't mean there aren't questions.
    Again, thank you to you both for sharing your all inspire me! ;-)