Monday, March 5, 2012

Rockin' In Paradise

On Saturday night, I went to a concert.

I saw Styx for the 17th time.

And it was great.  Awesome.  Nothing less than I expected, even after seeing them that many times.

I became a Styx fan in 1997...I heard "Come Sail Away" as I was driving in my car and that was the end for me.

Shortly after becoming an obsessed fan, I went to my first Styx concert at a local county fair.  As they were announcing the band members, they got to the drummer, Todd Sucherman, and I about crapped my pants.

I knew Todd.  Well, I didn't know Todd. I knew Todd's brother, Paul.  I played in many-a-band with Paul.  For many years.  How did I not know his brother was the drummer for Styx?!?!

Anyway, I never used the relationship to my advantage.  I did see Paul at a few local concerts and was able to meet Todd, which was uber awesome!  Also (thanks to my friend who won a contest on the radio) I was able to meet the rest of the guys a few years back.

I've seen them more in the front row than not, which is quite an awesome experience.

Yes, I know most of the guys touring with Styx are as old as my father--I couldn't care.  I'm a big fan and will be forever.

And thank goodness I have some awesome friends that love them just as much as I do :)

Anyway, I know I owe you all a belly pic. I will get you a good one, I promise--I seriously haven't had an opportunity to get one.

But I have a teaser for you--this was post concert, so forgive the funky hair, weird pose and the fact it was taken with my phone.  And I know it's not a good indication of the belly yet--but I had to share the shirt. 

I can officially say I've worn this shirt every time I've been pregnant.

Though I can't guarantee the child inside of me will be a Styx fan, at least I can hope :)  Thanks to Tomas for quasi "approving" the use of this shirt for me to wear. 


  1. What?! I had no idea Paul's brother was a Styx drummer! That is cool! You look great although I really wouldn't call that a belly shot as I can't really tell that you are pregnant yet!

  2. love the bump! that's so cool you know his brother LOL small world!!

  3. Now I will be singing that song all night,thanks! LOL!!

  4. You look great! (cute shirt too :)

  5. Best concern was Calumet County fair, front row, and getting guitar picks! Summerfest was a close 2nd!

  6. You're such a dork!! (I love dorks.)