Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tomas and Honza are having....

A BOY!!!

That's right, folks--there's a beautiful baby boy hanging out in my belly and he's PERFECT!!!

We had our 20 week ultrasound today (we're actually 20 weeks, 2 days).  Tomas flew in from Prague last night and we met up this morning at our house.  The ultrasound was at 10 and we got there plenty early so we had some time to chat about things--it was just great to catch up with him and get some of the logistics figured out regarding delivery day.

We were there for about an hour total--the u/s tech was awesome.  She explained everything she was doing and pointed out everything we needed to see.  Of course one of the first things we saw was it's "thing" and the tech said she was 100% sure it was a little boy.

I think we were both taken aback a bit--we were both expecting a girl! 

After checking everything from the heart to the bladder to the kidney's to the placenta, we were done.  My doc came in and watched the scan a bit too and said everything looks great!

Not that I was worried at all, but it's a huge sigh of relief to know everything is good.  I think Tomas felt the same.

After the ultrasound, we headed to the hospital where I will deliver and got a tour of the women's section. Of course I've been there/done that 3 times, but I wanted Tomas to feel comfortable with everything.  Seems all is good and many of his/our questions were answered.

I'm going to shoot for a four-peat.  Same doc, same nurse and same anesthesiologist at delivery.  I'm 3/3 so far.  Wish me luck.

My husband and I enjoyed a lovely typical Wisconsin "supper club" dinner tonight with Tomas and he'll be headed out tomorrow morning--no, he's not going back to Prague, he's going to Florida to participate in a triathlon on Saturday morning before returning to Prague on Sunday.

Yeah, a triathlon.  As in swim 2 miles, bike 25 miles and run 6 miles.

I may have called him "nuts" to his face a few times.

So, as he's enjoying his tri, I'll be sitting at home with my feet up sipping a cup of decaf coffee and eating Cheetos.

Overall, it was a fantastic day.  I simply cannot wait to see this baby come into this world and to see Tomas an Honza experience everything there is to experience when having a baby.  They are going to be amazing parents!!  I am over the moon excited for them and every day am reminded how amazing this entire journey has been and will continue to be.  Today just solidified that all over.

Tomas has the photos from the ultrasound, and I've asked him to scan to me--I'll post them as soon as I have them so you can see how cute this little kiddo is!!


  1. That's so awesome Tomas was there. And a triathlon? Wow...he must be much younger than me. LOL. congrats on the great scan and a BOY...WOO HOO!!!

  2. Wow a little boy :) I'm sure the best part was seeing the 20 week scan. That's the long one and we were soooo happy we got to be there for it too!
    I'm betting that lil guy will have a peculiar sense of humor that stays with him after chilling with Jesse for 9ish months!

  3. Yaaa Congrats! So happy for you and your IF's!

  4. Let's hear it for little boys! Congrats to all of you! I can't believe you're already 1/2 way there!

  5. I've been making my way chronologically through your blog (I couldn't help commenting once or twice along the way, and I've finally made it to present day, on such a joyous day!

    Thank you for sharing all the ups and downs of your journey and so much of yourself. I've really enjoyed your writing. I've just started my surro blog, and hope to be half as amusing and engaging as you are. :-)

  6. Awesome! Congrats. I'm glad Thomas could be there and that's awesome he's doing a triathlon on the way out!

  7. It's so great that Tomas was able to attend. Yay for little boys!

  8. Can I just say how much I love you? I mean seriously. I know that these guys adore you beyond the moon and stars for what you're doing for them, but come on. You are above and beyond what I think anyone should hope for in this type of situation.

    Awesome news for a boy!! I'm glad that he's healthy and that Tomas was able to be there. How will delivery logistics work out, if you don't mind my asking? That has to be tricky!!

  9. Jesse,

    So exciting that you're half way there. I love this post. I can feel how exciting you are to be a surrogate and help make a family.

  10. I have so many yays! Yay for IP visits, for happy ultrasounds, for finding out the gender, for 20 weeks. Just YAY!

  11. Congratulations to everyone!!!

  12. Yay for a BOY! :) That's awesome Tomas was there for the u/s! I agree with the person above who said you are awesome for totally going above and beyond for them! I'm also curious how delivery logistics will work, if you want to share. How have you been feeling lately?

    PS. One of the verification words I'm asked to type below (to prevent spam) is "DAD" - awesome!