Tuesday, April 17, 2012

If you're the praying type...

If you're the praying type, I ask that you please say a few for these people in my post below.  They need every one they can get.

Prayer Request #1
I belong to a surrogacy message board (All About Surrogacy).  I've learned a lot regarding the surrogacy process and have met some great people along the way.

There's one member on the board (a man) that was having twins (boy and girl) via a gestational surrogate.  They transferred the embryo's 2 days after we did and everything was going great.

Sadly, the surrogate recently went into labor and delivered both babies-and neither made it.

There are no words that I can use.  I am so very sad for this man, his partner, his surrogate.  I ask that you say a little prayer for all of them, including the babies. 

Prayer Request #2
I used to show Arabian horses (beginning when I was 6 years old, stopped when I was 18).  In my later showing years, I had a horse trainer named Richard.  He was amazing and helped me tremendously. 

Richard has a huge love for horses and is truly a talent in the Arabian Horse world. 

A week ago, his farm had a fire.  18 horses died in the fire and Richard lost everything.

Here's a news article regarding it.

Please say a prayer for these horse owners and especially Richard.
It appears no people were hurt (physically), thank goodness.  However, many people lost their horses (he boarded/trained them) and my heart hurts for them.  I was closer to my horse than I was to my own family at some times.  I imagine a loss like that is awful.


  1. So sad. I'm sorry to read both of these stories. :(

  2. Dear Jesse, As I am in India, it's quite easy to find a temple on every corner. I will absolutely be praying for them.

  3. How awful for both people in those stories. My heart goes out to them and I hope that they both find the strength to get past these tragedies and find happier days in the near future.

  4. What heartbreaking stories of loss! I will be praying for everyone involved.

  5. Awful. So sad. I'll say a prayer for them all.

  6. Will be praying. So thoughtful of you to share their stories.