Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jeni - Part 32

Don't worry, you didn't miss parts 2-31, I promise.  But if you didn't read Part 1 please feel free.  Just please roll with me on the "part 32"'s an inside joke.

So back to Jeni and our weekend together---

Did I mention it was full of awesomeness?  Here were the highlights:
  • Jeni learned I designed much of Milwaukee including the airport, many buildings, and Miller Park (where the Brewers play).  Disclaimer:  I did not design anything, but it was hizzlearious to say I did.
  • I introduced her to a Friday Fish Fry.  A MUST if visiting Wisconsin.  And it was not disappointing.  Jachym was digging it too.
  • She learned about the maple syrup process and I made her cakes of pan to sample the goodness. (My family makes maple syrup--check them out:
  • Our toes are very pretty due to a fantastic pedicure from Azana Spa.  Jeni even got her toes painted in honor of my birthstone (sapphire). 
  • Piggy Wiggly is really a place.  She now has proof.  And a t-shirt.
  • She felt Jachym move!
  • Or course I have to give a shout out to our awesome transportation for our Sunday excursion, Cheesehead Limo baby!
Jeni did a blog post about the trip--you can visit that here.  She even has photos!  Check it out!

Overall, I don't think the weekend could have gone any better.  It could have been much longer, but that's about it.  We had a super duper awesome time and I do truly miss her company.  We laughed a lot, may have peed my pants a bit--and I will forever hold those memories.

Thanks for the great time, girl!!  Miss you already!

I'm already planning the trouble I can get into in Colorado when I visit her...


  1. I'm gonna have to do a 2nd post!

    Piggly Wiggly!
    Wiggly Baby!

  2. Love that ya'll met, had a great time and are life-long friends!! The internet + surrogacy = many awesome friendships!

  3. glad you showed her what WI is all about LOL

  4. STOP MAKING ME JEALOUS! But it sounds like an awesome time ;)

  5. I never got to go to a fish fry and now my parents retired to Florida!