Saturday, May 26, 2012

29 Weeks!

Every time I do my weekly pregnancy update post I think to myself "how on Earth am I that far along already??"

29 weeks.  Wow. 

I had the privilege of Skyping with Tomas and Honza last weekend--that was lovely!  It's one thing to e-mail back and forth, it's another to actually see them.  They were able to see the belly "in realtime", which I think it pretty cool.  They're doing well and getting pretty excited for little Jachym to enter the world!  (me too!!)

In pregnancy land, all is going super good.  I feel great, people tell me I look great (hopefully they're not lying!) and overall I just feel awesome.  When it gets hot outside (and by hot I mean above 80), I get a little uncomfortable--but nothing I'll complain about...too much.  Tomorrow will be a good test for me--we're suppossed to hit 95. I may be spending my day hanging out in the car. (we don't have A/C at my house)

Not sure if I've mentioned this, but I've hired a housekeeper.  That rocks.  A lot.  She's doing a great job and she's TOTALLY worth every cent she gets paid.  That's been uber helpful to me. 

Well, I'm off to go enjoy the rest of my 5-day weekend!
HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY to all of you and a huge THANK YOU to our veterans!

I leave you with a 29 week belly shot!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Days Off. Pure Awesome.

A few weeks ago I had a chat with my boss...I was told I needed to take some time off of work.  I had too much time built up and needed to use it.

So I did.

I decided to make this Memorial Day weekend a nice long one--so I turned it into a 5 day weekend.

I'm only into day two and I'm a happy girl.

Really happy.

I've stayed clear of my work e-mails (which I normally don't do on my days off) and I have to say it's been amazing.  I feel good.  I feel happy.  I feel no stress.

Yesterday, my day started visiting with a dear old friend of mine, Whitni.  Here is her blog. Whitni and I met the first day of Freshman year at Lakeland College in 1997.  And I love her.  And she's awesome.  And her kids are cool.  And we had a nice visit.  And it made me realize I don't spend enough time with my friends.  Must change that. 

After our visit, the hubster, London and I picked up Emerson from her last day of pre-school:

My little rockstar.

After the little limo excursion, I hit up the local flower shop for some pretty flowers to plant in my planters.  Note I said pretty flowers.  That's all I looked at.  If they were pretty, I bought them, with no idea whether or not they would survive.

I have NO clue what I'm doing when it comes to planting anything.  I can't even keep fake plants looking good.  But so far, everything is still alive.  Woo! One whole day!  Hope this keeps up! 

Since all the dirt and planting took so much out of me, I spent the rest of the afternoon reading:

Yes, I succumbed to the hype.

And it was just as kink-a-licious as I had hoped it would be. 

So much so, that I just finished it.  In less than a day.  And I'm very much looking forward to starting the 2nd one in the series.

Read it.  Your significant others will thank you.  Just sayin'...

This morning I went grocery shopping.
And I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

My most awesome mother in law picked up the kids a few hours ago...and we won't be getting them back until tomorrow evening.  Hubby and I made dinner reservations for tonight (at a place that actually takes reservations and doesn't have a kids menu).  I'm ecstatic. 

Oh, and I got sun-burned.  That was on my to do list.  Seriously.  I was pretty pale.  Now I'm a pretty shade of red and couldn't be happier.

I have no idea what tomorrow holds.  I will be child-less and husband-less nearly all the day long.  That doesn't happen.  Ever.  And I couldn't be more excited.  I'm sure Jachym and I will find something fun to do.  Maybe some shopping?  Napping?  TV-watching?  It all sounds so lovely and I'm doing nothing but looking forward to the rest of my oh so awesome weekend.

Friday, May 18, 2012

28 Weeks!

Hmmm...does that put me in the 3rd trimester?? 

I think it might!

28 weeks was a goal of mine.  Not sure why.  I mean, this baby needs to cook lots more weeks (if you think 12 is "lots"...12 is not many to me!  EEK!), but for some reason I just wanted to make sure we hit 28 weeks.

And we did.

Nothing new since my 27 week post.  Jachym is quite the mover!!! But I love every second of it!

And for a belly pic (having a bad hair/makeup day so no face on this one...sorry guys!)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A glimpse into my past...

You may remember that some time ago my step-father delivered some boxes to my house (ultimately to get rid of them because he had foreclosed...we'll not go any more into that).

The boxes came from the house I grew up in...that I lived in for 20 years.

What was in these boxes?  At the time, I didn't know.  Your guess was as good as mine.

We put the boxes in our barn with the intention that I would go through them at some point and put everything I wanted to keep into nice totes to be able to store a little nicer.

Over the past few days, I did just that.  I went through the contents of each box.  I laughed.  I cried.  I sneezed (things were a bit dusty).

And I discovered that my mom kept EVERYTHING.

I have come to realize that even things I had thought I had gotten rid of, she kept.

I'd like to give you a teeny sampling of some of my findings:

Magazines from 1994.

Notes from my first college chemistry class--I was a chemistry major. 
A brain.  A nerd.
And now I work at an insurance company.  Go figure.

High school graduation cap.
My husband was shocked I had my decorated.  I thought this was normal?  Did you decorate yours?

Floppy's.  Too bad I don't have a computer system available to check what's on these things.  Something about graphing, perhaps?

Ah to have a schedule like this again...(high school)

Notes my dad wrote to my mom back in the 70's.  No, I didn't read any.  Debating if that's okay to do?  What do you think?

Any my person favorite find of the day:
Be jealous.  Be very jealous.
Billy Ray Cyrus concert t-shirt.
Achy Breaky Heart tour.  1992.
Yes, I ended up keeping a lot (including the Billy Ray t-shirt).  I donated a lot too, but most of my discoveries have ended up in totes and are now securely hanging out in my basement.  I plan to dive into the treasures again in a few years to see what else I can discover.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Word to your mother.

Ah, Mother’s Day….

It was a good day in the Jesse X2 house. I woke up to a venti chai tea latte from Starbucks (my favorite) and a beautiful new knife set from the hubby/kids. Slightly unconventional, but still pretty awesome.

Though I got suckered into making breakfast, I didn’t mind (had to try out the new knives!  They worked beautifully!)

I wanted to take lunch to my mom (in the nursing home) and her request was Subway and salt & vinegar potato chips. So, I obliged very willingly and we had a lovely lunch together, enjoying the beautiful WI spring weather. At one point I asked her what she would have had to eat for lunch had I not delivered her some good foodstuff and her response-- “I don’t know and I don’t fu@%ing care”. Man, I love that woman. I could start to get all sappy on you and write numerous words and paragraphs about how much I love my mom, but I truly wouldn’t be able to put enough words out there to justify her awesomeness. So, I will just say my mom is the shiznit.

Here we are:

When I showed her this photo (on my phone) she said she "looked half in the bag".
Again, I love that woman.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with laughter and good times with my kids, hubby, mother in law and brother in law. 

We had a little princess picnic, complete with 'tater chips and a Zhu Zhu pet:
(if you ask Emerson why she has a bandaid on her head, she'll tell you London kicked her.  I personally think she just wanted a Barbie bandaid on her head)

My oh so creative "carved" a little something in the acreage behind the barn...

I couldn't get get the entire thing in (kinda needed an aerial shot for that one) but you can kind of make out "HAPPY MOM DAY".  I have a feeling these little lawn mowed carvings will be a staple as we celebrate different holidays.

Overall, Mother's Day was a good day.  I'm happy to be a mom.

Here was the best son made me something in school for this very special day.  And when I opened it, I cried.  And laughed.  And squeezed him so tight and told him I loved him 8 million times.

Here's what he made (a book):
(please don't ask why I have monster hands in every drawing. I can't get an answer out of him on that one)

My mom is really good at "cooking".

My mom is the best because "she's nice".

My mom looks nice when "she feeds us".
And my personal favorite:

My mom does NOT like to "deal with crabby kids".

Best. Present. Ever.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

27 Weeks!

So I'm 27 weeks.


13 to go.

Yowsa again.

All good here!! Had a prenatal appointment earlier this week and all is perfecto! 

Off to hang out with my mom for a bit--will do a mom's day post later today or tomorrow!  I hope you all (momma's and non-momma's) have a super day!

I'll shall leave you with a 27 week belly shot...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Birthday To My Favorite Oopsie

In August of 2008 I took a pregnancy test.

And it was positive.

I'm not going to lie, I cried.

You see, we already had two kids.  We had the two kids we had planned all along.  Never did we have the chat about having a third.  We were 100% done.

That was not God's plan for us.

And I can't thank God enough.

Exactly 3 years ago today, our little oopsie (London Sue) was born at 11:45 am (had to get her pushed out before my doc had a really important lunch meeting...go me).

2 hours after birth.

1 Month Old
1 Year Old

2 Years Old
3 Years Old

Happy 3rd birthday to my "Tunkers".  I truly couldn't imagine life without her and thank God every day for blessing us with this little unplanned, very awesome, oh so cute little girl.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

26 Weeks!

26 Weeks...(and a few days)...

Nothing horribly new to report.  Lots o' Braxton Hicks contractions lately--enough that I'll have a little chit chat with the doc about them.  I'm sure they're nothing, but I don't at all remember them with my own kids this early.  And some put me in my place at times (i.e. grocery store--having to stop the cart and just stand there for a bit--it's a good look).  Worth a mention, anyway.

Other than that, all is status quo.

Which I consider a very decent thing.

And for the cheesy grin of the week belly shot....

Holy bologna I look massive.  Funny how I don't realize how big I am until I see a photo of myself...oh well, all for a damn good cause, eh?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jesse the Surrogate Q & A - Part Two

As most of you know, I did a Q and A post a few days ago (Part I).  I've received many more questions via this blog and Facebook (thank you!!) so without further adieu, I present to you Part Two!

Dude, that rhymed.

Q. Is there anything that sticks in your mind as being the hardest part of the surrogacy process?

A. Two things come to mind. First is the fact that my IF’s (intended fathers) live so far away. That’s hard now because I want them to experience this pregnancy with me. We do our best to keep in touch, but it’s nothing like if they were living 10 (or 100) miles away. Second is the “hurry up and wait” aspect of surrogacy. There’s a lot of that. If you think about it this way, I was matched with the guys in April of 2011. Our transfer was in November of 2011. Lots of hurry up and do we wait for the next step.   Then we hurry up again....then wait again.  That's not just my journey, I think many surrogates experience that.

Q. What happened to the first couple you tried to be a surrogate for?
A. B and T have adopted a very cute little boy! I couldn’t be happier for them!

Q. Will the parents be in the US for the birth?
A. I sure hope so! I’m due on August 7th and they plan on flying out on August 1st. So please send me all the “NO LABOR UNTIL AFTER AUGUST 1ST“ vibes you can! It’s really important to me that they be there—it’s probably the most amazing time for them out of this whole process and I don’t want them to miss it!

Q. Do they have all sorts of documents to fill out since the baby will be born in the US?
A. Though I don’t know for sure, my guess is yes. Lots. I’m still a little confused on the citizenship aspect of it all, but the agency we are working with is pretty much handling all the legal aspects for them/the baby. I do know I will have to sign a number of pieces and they’ll also have to obtain a passport for the child prior to them going home. I imagine the paperwork will be the biggest challenge in all of this.

Q. After the birth, how much time (if any) will you have with the baby?
A. Immediately after the birth, I want the guys to have that moment—so I am requesting they take the baby and the fathers into a different room to do their new dad thing. I’m not doing this so much for me as I am for them. They need that. After the hospital, they plan on staying in the area (near me) for a few weeks. They have to stay at least long enough to get all the necessary paperwork completed.

Q. What happens to your milk supply?
A. While the guys/baby are here, I will be pumping for them. I am not required to do so, but am totally willing to. Once they head back to Prague, I am considering continuing to pump and donate the milk to another family that needs it.

Q.  Will you do this again?
A.  I will reserve the right to answer that question after this journey is over.

If you do have more questions for me, please ask.  Really.  I don't bite.  I won't be offended.  I love talking about being a surrogate and will always be open and honest about the entire process.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Take that, Mr Glucose!

I am feverishly working on a Q and A Part II post, but before I do that I wanted to just give a quick update.

Remember that glucose test I was freaking out about?? Well, I passed!! After you drink the sugar crap they give you (No really, it’s crap. It’s gross. At least I think so), you have to get your blood drawn exactly 1 hour afterwards. Your glucose level should be under 140. Mine was 114.

Yeah, I gave myself a little pat on the back for that one.

And enjoyed a bowl of pasta as a reward.

Watch for Q and A  Part II coming shortly (if you have any questions you’ve been dying to ask, please feel free!!). Also will have a 26 week belly pic soon! 26 weeks!! EEK!

PS--did you see the countdown on the right toolbar?  We're under 100 days till this little one is born!!!