Sunday, May 6, 2012

26 Weeks!

26 Weeks...(and a few days)...

Nothing horribly new to report.  Lots o' Braxton Hicks contractions lately--enough that I'll have a little chit chat with the doc about them.  I'm sure they're nothing, but I don't at all remember them with my own kids this early.  And some put me in my place at times (i.e. grocery store--having to stop the cart and just stand there for a bit--it's a good look).  Worth a mention, anyway.

Other than that, all is status quo.

Which I consider a very decent thing.

And for the cheesy grin of the week belly shot....

Holy bologna I look massive.  Funny how I don't realize how big I am until I see a photo of myself...oh well, all for a damn good cause, eh?


  1. Looking good - cheesy grin included!

  2. Not massive! Just adorable!

    I'll be anxious to hear what the doc says about the BH.

    BTW...I can definitely picture you...stopping in an the Pig. :)

  3. Beautiful, both you and the belly. Seeing you smile makes me smile. I hope the BH are nothing to worry about. I remember some shooting pains that would stop my tracks but they weren't in the belly region. I do hope you manage to avoid that experience.

  4. I think our surro experienced the baby flipping to head down in the middle of the DMV...she had "that look" I'm sure, too. Great belly pic!

  5. hopefully they turn out to be nothing, but it's always better safe than sorry. you look great :)