Sunday, May 13, 2012

27 Weeks!

So I'm 27 weeks.


13 to go.

Yowsa again.

All good here!! Had a prenatal appointment earlier this week and all is perfecto! 

Off to hang out with my mom for a bit--will do a mom's day post later today or tomorrow!  I hope you all (momma's and non-momma's) have a super day!

I'll shall leave you with a 27 week belly shot...


  1. Look at your beautiful belly! Baby boy is getting' big in there! 13 weeks to go?! Girrrrllll, you is gonna be BIG! In a good way!

  2. Lookin' fine as wine in that shirt! Too bad you can't drink any right now. 13 weeks is left?! Oh my, how the time flies.