Friday, May 18, 2012

28 Weeks!

Hmmm...does that put me in the 3rd trimester?? 

I think it might!

28 weeks was a goal of mine.  Not sure why.  I mean, this baby needs to cook lots more weeks (if you think 12 is "lots"...12 is not many to me!  EEK!), but for some reason I just wanted to make sure we hit 28 weeks.

And we did.

Nothing new since my 27 week post.  Jachym is quite the mover!!! But I love every second of it!

And for a belly pic (having a bad hair/makeup day so no face on this one...sorry guys!)


  1. Boo for no face.
    Yay for 28 weeks!
    Boo for bad hair and makeup.
    Yay for lots of movement!
    Boo for....ok, I'm done.

    Love you! You look stunning!

  2. Well I'm sure the cute belly would more than make up for whatever was wrong with your hair and makeup... but I feel obligated to support the pregnant surro's every whim ;)

  3. I always felt similar about 28 weeks with my own babies, too, especially the twins. Then I moved on to 32, then 36, etc. It's like at 28 I knew they'd live, 32 I knew they'd have no permanent repercussions from being premature, 36 they probably wouldn't need the NICU.