Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A glimpse into my past...

You may remember that some time ago my step-father delivered some boxes to my house (ultimately to get rid of them because he had foreclosed...we'll not go any more into that).

The boxes came from the house I grew up in...that I lived in for 20 years.

What was in these boxes?  At the time, I didn't know.  Your guess was as good as mine.

We put the boxes in our barn with the intention that I would go through them at some point and put everything I wanted to keep into nice totes to be able to store a little nicer.

Over the past few days, I did just that.  I went through the contents of each box.  I laughed.  I cried.  I sneezed (things were a bit dusty).

And I discovered that my mom kept EVERYTHING.

I have come to realize that even things I had thought I had gotten rid of, she kept.

I'd like to give you a teeny sampling of some of my findings:

Magazines from 1994.

Notes from my first college chemistry class--I was a chemistry major. 
A brain.  A nerd.
And now I work at an insurance company.  Go figure.

High school graduation cap.
My husband was shocked I had my decorated.  I thought this was normal?  Did you decorate yours?

Floppy's.  Too bad I don't have a computer system available to check what's on these things.  Something about graphing, perhaps?

Ah to have a schedule like this again...(high school)

Notes my dad wrote to my mom back in the 70's.  No, I didn't read any.  Debating if that's okay to do?  What do you think?

Any my person favorite find of the day:
Be jealous.  Be very jealous.
Billy Ray Cyrus concert t-shirt.
Achy Breaky Heart tour.  1992.
Yes, I ended up keeping a lot (including the Billy Ray t-shirt).  I donated a lot too, but most of my discoveries have ended up in totes and are now securely hanging out in my basement.  I plan to dive into the treasures again in a few years to see what else I can discover.


  1. Read the letters for sure!!! That's why she saved them for you :)

  2. i would rock that shirt every day!!

  3. Read the letters while wearing the tshirt and have a "notebook" moment :)

  4. That's awesome! Total time capsule.

    I think it would be good for you to read the letters - since your parents went their separate ways when you were so little, it would probably be really amazing for you to get a glimpse of their time together.

  5. YM and a color coded planner is bringing back memories for ME! LOL!

    Glad you got started on some of the boxes...lots of work but great memories! I wish I could go through them with you! I'm sure that would provide many-a-laugh and also, I'll bet I'd get to know things about you that I don't yet. :-)

  6. We didn't decorate our caps but I love that you did. Lots of fun discoveries. :) I would read the letters, but that's just me being nosey. Do you think it'd upset your mom to ask her?

  7. I recently went through similar boxes, but I wasn't brave enough to post pictures of MY stuff! :)