Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jesse the Surrogate Q & A - Part Two

As most of you know, I did a Q and A post a few days ago (Part I).  I've received many more questions via this blog and Facebook (thank you!!) so without further adieu, I present to you Part Two!

Dude, that rhymed.

Q. Is there anything that sticks in your mind as being the hardest part of the surrogacy process?

A. Two things come to mind. First is the fact that my IF’s (intended fathers) live so far away. That’s hard now because I want them to experience this pregnancy with me. We do our best to keep in touch, but it’s nothing like if they were living 10 (or 100) miles away. Second is the “hurry up and wait” aspect of surrogacy. There’s a lot of that. If you think about it this way, I was matched with the guys in April of 2011. Our transfer was in November of 2011. Lots of hurry up and do we wait for the next step.   Then we hurry up again....then wait again.  That's not just my journey, I think many surrogates experience that.

Q. What happened to the first couple you tried to be a surrogate for?
A. B and T have adopted a very cute little boy! I couldn’t be happier for them!

Q. Will the parents be in the US for the birth?
A. I sure hope so! I’m due on August 7th and they plan on flying out on August 1st. So please send me all the “NO LABOR UNTIL AFTER AUGUST 1ST“ vibes you can! It’s really important to me that they be there—it’s probably the most amazing time for them out of this whole process and I don’t want them to miss it!

Q. Do they have all sorts of documents to fill out since the baby will be born in the US?
A. Though I don’t know for sure, my guess is yes. Lots. I’m still a little confused on the citizenship aspect of it all, but the agency we are working with is pretty much handling all the legal aspects for them/the baby. I do know I will have to sign a number of pieces and they’ll also have to obtain a passport for the child prior to them going home. I imagine the paperwork will be the biggest challenge in all of this.

Q. After the birth, how much time (if any) will you have with the baby?
A. Immediately after the birth, I want the guys to have that moment—so I am requesting they take the baby and the fathers into a different room to do their new dad thing. I’m not doing this so much for me as I am for them. They need that. After the hospital, they plan on staying in the area (near me) for a few weeks. They have to stay at least long enough to get all the necessary paperwork completed.

Q. What happens to your milk supply?
A. While the guys/baby are here, I will be pumping for them. I am not required to do so, but am totally willing to. Once they head back to Prague, I am considering continuing to pump and donate the milk to another family that needs it.

Q.  Will you do this again?
A.  I will reserve the right to answer that question after this journey is over.

If you do have more questions for me, please ask.  Really.  I don't bite.  I won't be offended.  I love talking about being a surrogate and will always be open and honest about the entire process.


  1. So well written...very informative! shocker!


  2. I love how much we surrogates enjoy a good ole Q&A :)