Monday, May 14, 2012

Word to your mother.

Ah, Mother’s Day….

It was a good day in the Jesse X2 house. I woke up to a venti chai tea latte from Starbucks (my favorite) and a beautiful new knife set from the hubby/kids. Slightly unconventional, but still pretty awesome.

Though I got suckered into making breakfast, I didn’t mind (had to try out the new knives!  They worked beautifully!)

I wanted to take lunch to my mom (in the nursing home) and her request was Subway and salt & vinegar potato chips. So, I obliged very willingly and we had a lovely lunch together, enjoying the beautiful WI spring weather. At one point I asked her what she would have had to eat for lunch had I not delivered her some good foodstuff and her response-- “I don’t know and I don’t fu@%ing care”. Man, I love that woman. I could start to get all sappy on you and write numerous words and paragraphs about how much I love my mom, but I truly wouldn’t be able to put enough words out there to justify her awesomeness. So, I will just say my mom is the shiznit.

Here we are:

When I showed her this photo (on my phone) she said she "looked half in the bag".
Again, I love that woman.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with laughter and good times with my kids, hubby, mother in law and brother in law. 

We had a little princess picnic, complete with 'tater chips and a Zhu Zhu pet:
(if you ask Emerson why she has a bandaid on her head, she'll tell you London kicked her.  I personally think she just wanted a Barbie bandaid on her head)

My oh so creative "carved" a little something in the acreage behind the barn...

I couldn't get get the entire thing in (kinda needed an aerial shot for that one) but you can kind of make out "HAPPY MOM DAY".  I have a feeling these little lawn mowed carvings will be a staple as we celebrate different holidays.

Overall, Mother's Day was a good day.  I'm happy to be a mom.

Here was the best son made me something in school for this very special day.  And when I opened it, I cried.  And laughed.  And squeezed him so tight and told him I loved him 8 million times.

Here's what he made (a book):
(please don't ask why I have monster hands in every drawing. I can't get an answer out of him on that one)

My mom is really good at "cooking".

My mom is the best because "she's nice".

My mom looks nice when "she feeds us".
And my personal favorite:

My mom does NOT like to "deal with crabby kids".

Best. Present. Ever.


  1. I LOVE these little books! I treasure the two I have and can't wait to add a 3rd little book to my stash! Your Mom is a freaking ROCK STAR!!!

  2. the crabby kids is hilarious!!!

  3. Oh my goodness. What a great post...all around! I can't decide what I like best. Your mom, the carvings or Elliot's gift. Oh wait! Or Emerson's band aid. I LOVE YOUR FAMILY!

  4. Elliot's book is adorable. Let me know if you're in need of more Zhu Zhu fun. We have some that are lonely and would love to travel north. LOL