Friday, June 29, 2012

34 Weeks!

I can't believe it either.

The last 34 weeks have completely flown past me. It's insane.
6 more to go. Are you kidding?1?

I had a check-up yesterday just to make sure my swelling was under control and I'm happy to report all is well. I am still a little puffy, but everything else (BP, urine, weight, etc...) is all good. I'm going to continue to hang low and keep little Jáchym happy for a few more weeks.

I've noticed over the course of the past 2 weeks, I'm struggling falling asleep at night. I don't know why. I feel like I'm tired, but then end up awake until close to midnight. I can usually wake up okay the next morning, but start dragging mid-day. Weird. Good thing I have boatloads of stuff to catch up on with the DVR.

Yes, I'm getting more uncomfortable. Yes, it's noticeable. Yes, I make noises when I have to move even an inch. But I wouldn't change any of this for the world!

Tomas and I had a chat with our journey coordinator today, who had spoken with the hospital earlier this week. Everything is lined up and ready to go as far as the hospital is concerned. Hospital. We’re talking about giving birth. That’s crazy.

So guess who is coming to visit in 2 weeks? Tomas!! I’m so excited!! He’s travelling to the states on business and is going to do a drive-by to pay a visit to his in-utero kiddo! I’m so excited to see him!

Then, 2 weeks after that, both guys will be travelling to the US for the birth.


So, please continue the “NO LABOR VIBES” until after August 1st for me, okay?? I REALLY appreciate, as I’m sure Tomas and Honza do as well.

34 Week photo for my peeps:

On Sunday, we are headed to Door County....FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK!!  Holy balls am I excited.  I trust you'll see a post or two on the adventures we will have.

Happy 4th of July to you all!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

33 Weeks!

Okay, so I re-read my "fluffy" post from a few days ago and I sounded really upset.

Because I was. 

When you're pregnant, you expect everything to go perfect.  When you're pregnant with someone else's child, you want it to be more than perfect.  And if it's not, there's almost a sense of failure.  At least that's kinda what I was feeling.  I'm a perfectionist in much of my life, especially when it involves other people.  I want to give them the best and when everything I do doesn't amount to perfection, it bugs me.  It's who I am.  Last week after my doctor's appointment, I felt as though I had a way.

After my appointment, the family and I headed up to Door County for some rest and relaxation.  Odd but really good timing because we had planned that little excursion weeks ago.  No work, no projects--just a lake breeze, lawn chairs and naps.

On Wednesday it was hot.  Really hot.  95 degrees and more humid than anyone ever needs to deal with.  I felt like crap most of the day. I was chugging more water than you would believe, sitting with my feet up and the swelling was just as bad, if not worse.  I won't deny this, I was worried.

I slept semi-okay on Wednesday night and when I woke up on Thursday, I noticed a change in the temp...and I could actually see my ankles!  I about had a dance party. And I felt SO much better!

You see, the temp had dropped to about 80 degrees and the humidity was nearly gone.

I am still following docs orders and keeping as chill as I can (which has been kinda nice, actually) and I can totally tell my swelling has gone and stayed down.

So, thank you to the State of Wisconsin and mother nature for causing me to freak out.  I truly believe the heat and humidity that we had a few days last week was cause to much (if not all) of my swelling issues.  No, I will not take that as the true reason and will still be cautious, but at least I feel a little better and confident that Jachym is going to be hanging out for a few more weeks.

That all being said, happy 33 (almost 34) weeks to me and baby Jachym (and Tomas and Honza, of course)!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Routine Check Up. I'm fluffy and I need to chill.

So I'm exactly 33 weeks today (my normal weekly blog-post updates are done a few days after the fact, in case you were freaking out over the timing aspect—cause sometimes I do freak out about the timing aspect…because I’m weird like that).

I went to the doc today for a normal prenatal visit and it wasn't the perfect appointment I thought it would be.

As I was sitting in the waiting room, I decided to have a contraction (a nice one) right as nurse Paula called my name. I literally had to do one of those hold your hand up and wait a minute moves on her.

So, I explained my contraction concerns to Paula as she weighed me. I hate scales, just so you know.  Especially while pregnant.  Pregnant women gain wait.  Every week.  It blows.

As I sat down on the table for her to check my BP, she noted my fat feet. No, she didn’t call my feet fat, but said I looked swollen. Ah, lovely. Other people notice.  So I explained my concerns about that too.

(Side note regarding my feet: I can’t wear anything but flip-flops. Cute sandals are out for me. Totally. It’s actually getting to a point of being slightly painful to walk because they’re so not the size they should be. I was driving in the car with Jesse today and he asked if I could put my feet in front of me as an added precaution—an extra air bag. Punk.)

Back to the appointment….

My blood pressure was great. Jáchym sounded wonderful (154 BPM) and he was moving all over the place as we listened.  I swear he was trying to kick the doppler again.

Nurse Paula said in light of my contractions I have been having, she wanted Dr. D to check my cervix, just to be on the safe side. I kind of made a sigh of relief. Had she not offered it, I would have asked for him to check me. There’s nothing better than getting your cervix checked, just sayin’…

(that was me being sarcastic, in case you didn’t catch that)

So, the doc came in, did a fundal height (I forgot to ask what it was) and checked ye ‘ole cervix. My shop is closed up tight, thank goodness. All is good, not dilating!

I discussed my swollenness concerns with Dr. D and he, too, is concerned. He said I looked “fluffy”. Uh, thanks. Just what I wanted to hear. Of course we all know that swollen anything on a 33 week preggo can be a sign of preeclampsia, something I’ve never experienced. But, in light of the fact that my BP and urine are a-okay, the concern isn’t TOO huge. It’s there, but not alarming.

He didn't put me on true bed-rest, but just told me I need to chill out. I need to stop trying to do everything. I need to relax. Of course I am going to do everything I need to do to keep this baby happy and healthy and baking a few more weeks, but I’m not going to lie--it's going to be tough. I'm not a chiller outer.

Normally I would go back to the doc in 2 weeks, but he wants to see me next week, just to assess how things are going.

As soon as I got home (and put my feet up), I e-mailed Tomas and Honza to give them an update. Literally not 3 minutes after I hit “send”, my phone rang. It was Tomas calling from Prague. I was thoroughly touched. He and Honza wanted to be sure I was okay. They’re the sweetest guys and it was awesome to hear their voices. I can’t wait to actually see them again!

I made a promise to Tomas and Honza that I will do nothing but follow doctors’ orders. So, that is my plan. I am going to chill. I am going to allow people to help me. I am going to take the best care of myself that I can to ensure that little Jáchym hangs out right where he’s at for a good more amount of time.

Today, I am officially a chiller outer.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

32 Weeks!

32 weeks was another milestone for me.  I'm not quite sure why I say that, but hey, we all have our goals, right?  8 more weeks to go! Can you believe it??!?!?!?

The contractions have slowed a bit. Sure, I still get them here and there and they're still kinda strong, but not painful.  And nothing all is good.

It's definitely getting harder and harder to do simple tasks--washing dishes, picking up toys, bathing the kids... I can still do them, but it just takes me a bit longer and I make more noises doing them.  Lots of grunts and moans coming from this preggo.

All in all I have no complaints.  Life is good!

32 week belly pic-

Excuse the freshly showered look and wow, really obnoxious shirt.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Whether You're a Brother or Whether You're a Mother...

(there will be a disco reference in this post, I promise)

Last night I started feeling some contractions.  I still believe they are Braxton Hicks, but I think Mr Jachym is amping them up on me a bit.

They're getting stronger.

I'm not in pain yet, but they're definitely more intense than what I've experienced the past few weeks.

I slept fine last night, woke up not feeling them, so I know it's not true labor; but as the day went on I continued to feel them more and more. 

So much so that I called the doc.

I didn't think it warranted a visit, but a call wasn't going to hurt anything.  They said what I'm feeling is pretty normal and to drink lots of water and chill out.  I started downing loads of water and that seemed to help.  Getting up to go to the bathroom every 20 seconds isn't all that much fun, but oh well.

And I should mention they're nothing that I can time.  They're very sporadic yet, which is good.  Which is why I know it's not labor.  It's just still a little unnerving.

Jachym is still having a party in my belly.  Lord knows what that little kid is doing, but he's having a great time doing it.  He's either attempting the Running Man or doing his best John Travolta moves in Saturday Night Fever.  Either way, he's an active one--Tomas and Honza, you guys may have your hands full!

And you may have a disco fan.  Just sayin'.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

31 Weeks! Just swell.

swell [swel]  verb, swelled, swol·len or swelled, swell·ing, noun, adjective

1. first-rate; fine: ex: a swell party.
2. to grow in bulk, as by the absorption of moisture or the processes of growth.

This past week, both definitions have applied.

1.  I do feel first-rate/fine.  No aches or pains quite yet--still having the Braxton Hicks contractions every so often which still put me in my place, but I'm okay with them.  The people at Piggly Wiggly are probably used to me stopping every so often in the aisle for no apparent reason.  Baby Jachym seems to be enjoying himself too, always moving around letting me know he's there--and I love that. 
2.  I lost my ankles the other day.  It was not cool.  I was simply sitting at my home office desk for what could have been a couple hours and when I got up, I noticed it was kind of hard to walk.  I looked down and gasped.  My ankles were gone.  No definition.  It was just leg to foot.  My toes looked like little sausages.  I did take a photo, but I will spare you all.  I laid down for a bit, down a few gallons of water and literally put my feet up.  After a few hours, it was definitely better, but boy was that some wacky footery.  I know that can be a sign of some not so great things, but I really think it was due to me not drinking enough water that day (prior to my discovery) and the fact that it's been pretty warm out.  It's been better of late, but will continue to keep my eyes on them.
So for 31 weeks, I'm happy things are going so great!!  Only 9 weeks to go--that's INSANITY!!  I've been seriously thinking about starting a hospital bag, but don't want to jinx anything.  So, I've just been strategically laying some clothes out on piles in my bedroom.  I'm sure my cleaning person thinks I'm a wackadoodle for all my little neat piles everywhere.  I just want to be semi-prepared, without, like I said, jinxing anything.
Oh, before I hit you all with my belly pic, I wanted to make sure you check out Jeff and Kevin's Blog.  Their baby was born last week Sunday--and he's a cutie!!  And he's quite the chunky monkey!  Kudos to their surrogate for pushing out a 10 pounder.   Seriously, go check out the photos--very cute kid.  And congrats to you guys!! So happy for you!
And here we go with the 31 week belly pic.  I've been told I'm once again "bigger" from about a week ago...I'll let you be the judge?

Friday, June 8, 2012

A day in the life...

I had a day "on the road" earlier this week and I had a wacky idea to document it.

Via photos.

So you can all see how really exciting my life is.
(where's that sarcasm font when you need it??)

(actually, I was having a hard time coming up with blog post ideas, so you get this. Consider it a carrot for a 31 week update and belly pic....oh, and I wanted to try this little photo enhancer thingy I have on my phone)

The day was Tuesday, June 5th 2012.

My first stop was here:

That's my Town Hall.

Why did I go there?  Well, there was lots going down in the State of Wisconsin on Tuesday.  Our Governor (Scott Walker) was up for recall.  Tuesday was the vote on whether he would stay our Governor or not.  I tend to stay clear of talking about politics to a whole lot of people, so we'll just leave it as this:

I voted.

Scott won and is now the only Governor in the country to ever survive a recall (there were only 2 others).

After my vote, I hopped back in the car and headed out into the land of highways and semi's....

Yeah, that white thing is my belly.  He's taking over.
I promise I didn't do this while driving.  I also promise I had my seatbelt on.  The lap belt part gets lost now.

Why was I "on the road", you ask?  I had to do some enrollment meetings for a client of mine.  Meaning, I got up in front of groups of people and talked about vision insurance.  Sounds exciting, huh? Fortunately, I love doing these types of meetings.  I could get up in front of thousands of people and long as I knew what I was talking about.   Thankfully, I'm pretty good at my job and tend to think I do, in fact, know what I'm talking about.

Most days.

Obviously, that's not me talking.   But that's where I was talking just moments before I secretly snapped this pic.

After a few of these meetings and a lunch break downing a salad in front of my laptop at Applebees (no photo on that one, sorry) and then after some more meetings, I headed home.

But I made a pit-stop.  And did an 'ode to Jeni in the process:

It was delicious.  Jachym liked it too.

So, that was my day.  Breathtaking, huh?  So electrifying.  So fun.

But really, I like days on the road.  I like meeting new people, doing my job and the mileage reimbursement isn't too horrible, either.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

30 weeks!

T minus 10 weeks, baby!

Our little countdown says 66 days to go.  Wow. 

All is good in preggo land.  I had an OB appointment earlier this week and everything is great!! Jachym is head down and looking good!  I asked how big he was and my doc said right around 3 pounds.  (and for those of you that do not live in the US, it's a little over 1300 grams)

As a side note, I am FULLY on board with the United States changing to the metric system at any time.  Just sayin'.

Here's a 30 week pic for you!! 

Yes, I'm once again sportin' the straight hair.  For those of you that have known me forever/seen me, you'll understand that this is a big deal.  I've had mega curly hair my entire life.  I'm liking the change...though it's a pain to do.  Curious if you think I can pull it off?