Saturday, June 9, 2012

31 Weeks! Just swell.

swell [swel]  verb, swelled, swol·len or swelled, swell·ing, noun, adjective

1. first-rate; fine: ex: a swell party.
2. to grow in bulk, as by the absorption of moisture or the processes of growth.

This past week, both definitions have applied.

1.  I do feel first-rate/fine.  No aches or pains quite yet--still having the Braxton Hicks contractions every so often which still put me in my place, but I'm okay with them.  The people at Piggly Wiggly are probably used to me stopping every so often in the aisle for no apparent reason.  Baby Jachym seems to be enjoying himself too, always moving around letting me know he's there--and I love that. 
2.  I lost my ankles the other day.  It was not cool.  I was simply sitting at my home office desk for what could have been a couple hours and when I got up, I noticed it was kind of hard to walk.  I looked down and gasped.  My ankles were gone.  No definition.  It was just leg to foot.  My toes looked like little sausages.  I did take a photo, but I will spare you all.  I laid down for a bit, down a few gallons of water and literally put my feet up.  After a few hours, it was definitely better, but boy was that some wacky footery.  I know that can be a sign of some not so great things, but I really think it was due to me not drinking enough water that day (prior to my discovery) and the fact that it's been pretty warm out.  It's been better of late, but will continue to keep my eyes on them.
So for 31 weeks, I'm happy things are going so great!!  Only 9 weeks to go--that's INSANITY!!  I've been seriously thinking about starting a hospital bag, but don't want to jinx anything.  So, I've just been strategically laying some clothes out on piles in my bedroom.  I'm sure my cleaning person thinks I'm a wackadoodle for all my little neat piles everywhere.  I just want to be semi-prepared, without, like I said, jinxing anything.
Oh, before I hit you all with my belly pic, I wanted to make sure you check out Jeff and Kevin's Blog.  Their baby was born last week Sunday--and he's a cutie!!  And he's quite the chunky monkey!  Kudos to their surrogate for pushing out a 10 pounder.   Seriously, go check out the photos--very cute kid.  And congrats to you guys!! So happy for you!
And here we go with the 31 week belly pic.  I've been told I'm once again "bigger" from about a week ago...I'll let you be the judge?


  1. Yes, rock the pregnant belly look!

    I love the term "footery". Gonna have to start using that one myself! :)

    31 weeks! Phew! It's going so fast! (for me)

  2. You look so lovely. I am keeping this picture for Jáchym:)


  3. 31 weeks is looking great on you! Sorry about the ankle thief - he hung out at my house for a while this year, too.