Saturday, June 16, 2012

32 Weeks!

32 weeks was another milestone for me.  I'm not quite sure why I say that, but hey, we all have our goals, right?  8 more weeks to go! Can you believe it??!?!?!?

The contractions have slowed a bit. Sure, I still get them here and there and they're still kinda strong, but not painful.  And nothing all is good.

It's definitely getting harder and harder to do simple tasks--washing dishes, picking up toys, bathing the kids... I can still do them, but it just takes me a bit longer and I make more noises doing them.  Lots of grunts and moans coming from this preggo.

All in all I have no complaints.  Life is good!

32 week belly pic-

Excuse the freshly showered look and wow, really obnoxious shirt.


  1. So close!! You look AMAZING Jesse! Time is flying by SO fast!!

  2. Shut up! Slow down a little will ya! ;) Looking fantastic girlie.

  3. glad the contractions aren't THE contractions and you look fabulous. Our daughter was very active in utero and had a kick and punch like she was doing karate (according to our surro)...and well, yes, she just as strong outside and likes to kick and punch (especially when being swaddled). Needless to say we're all getting our workouts! Get ready, Tomas and Honza!

  4. 32 weeks is a great milestone! It's going too fast!

  5. I like the shirt and that smile. Lookin' good! I can't believe you're so close to the end!

    Also, I can't help but sing when I see "Please prove you're not a robot" below. I'm not a robot, without emotions. I'm not what you see. I've come to help you, with your problems. So we can be free. /Styx nut

  6. WOW 32 already!! It's definitely an ingrained milestone, for most of us, I think. I'll admit I was going to make a comment about that shirt making me dizzy, but you covered that in your post anyway ;)