Friday, June 8, 2012

A day in the life...

I had a day "on the road" earlier this week and I had a wacky idea to document it.

Via photos.

So you can all see how really exciting my life is.
(where's that sarcasm font when you need it??)

(actually, I was having a hard time coming up with blog post ideas, so you get this. Consider it a carrot for a 31 week update and belly pic....oh, and I wanted to try this little photo enhancer thingy I have on my phone)

The day was Tuesday, June 5th 2012.

My first stop was here:

That's my Town Hall.

Why did I go there?  Well, there was lots going down in the State of Wisconsin on Tuesday.  Our Governor (Scott Walker) was up for recall.  Tuesday was the vote on whether he would stay our Governor or not.  I tend to stay clear of talking about politics to a whole lot of people, so we'll just leave it as this:

I voted.

Scott won and is now the only Governor in the country to ever survive a recall (there were only 2 others).

After my vote, I hopped back in the car and headed out into the land of highways and semi's....

Yeah, that white thing is my belly.  He's taking over.
I promise I didn't do this while driving.  I also promise I had my seatbelt on.  The lap belt part gets lost now.

Why was I "on the road", you ask?  I had to do some enrollment meetings for a client of mine.  Meaning, I got up in front of groups of people and talked about vision insurance.  Sounds exciting, huh? Fortunately, I love doing these types of meetings.  I could get up in front of thousands of people and long as I knew what I was talking about.   Thankfully, I'm pretty good at my job and tend to think I do, in fact, know what I'm talking about.

Most days.

Obviously, that's not me talking.   But that's where I was talking just moments before I secretly snapped this pic.

After a few of these meetings and a lunch break downing a salad in front of my laptop at Applebees (no photo on that one, sorry) and then after some more meetings, I headed home.

But I made a pit-stop.  And did an 'ode to Jeni in the process:

It was delicious.  Jachym liked it too.

So, that was my day.  Breathtaking, huh?  So electrifying.  So fun.

But really, I like days on the road.  I like meeting new people, doing my job and the mileage reimbursement isn't too horrible, either.

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  1. 1) I stand by Scott. Or was it I stand with Scott? Whatever, I'll bet there are some pretty pissed Wisconsins (Wisonsinites?) right now.

    2) I'm so glad you enjoy public speaking! It's going to come in handy when we own our company together.

    3) Great choice on the DQ...Have you TRIED the new confetti cake Blizzard? Yum-o.

    Your life IS electrifying! Very exciting! This post definitely does help me to better endure the wait for your next belly pic. BTW, the car belly pic is totally rad.