Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Whether You're a Brother or Whether You're a Mother...

(there will be a disco reference in this post, I promise)

Last night I started feeling some contractions.  I still believe they are Braxton Hicks, but I think Mr Jachym is amping them up on me a bit.

They're getting stronger.

I'm not in pain yet, but they're definitely more intense than what I've experienced the past few weeks.

I slept fine last night, woke up not feeling them, so I know it's not true labor; but as the day went on I continued to feel them more and more. 

So much so that I called the doc.

I didn't think it warranted a visit, but a call wasn't going to hurt anything.  They said what I'm feeling is pretty normal and to drink lots of water and chill out.  I started downing loads of water and that seemed to help.  Getting up to go to the bathroom every 20 seconds isn't all that much fun, but oh well.

And I should mention they're nothing that I can time.  They're very sporadic yet, which is good.  Which is why I know it's not labor.  It's just still a little unnerving.

Jachym is still having a party in my belly.  Lord knows what that little kid is doing, but he's having a great time doing it.  He's either attempting the Running Man or doing his best John Travolta moves in Saturday Night Fever.  Either way, he's an active one--Tomas and Honza, you guys may have your hands full!

And you may have a disco fan.  Just sayin'.


  1. Aaaand thanks for putting that song in my head after reading the title of this post, LOL!!! HA HA HA HA Stayin Alive! :) Tell that sweet boy to simmah down now!

  2. Unnerving is putting it lightly. Those kinds of things terrified me! I was getting a big ball of nervousness in my stomach as I read this....until I pictured Jachym doing the running man. Sweet! Hang tight little guy. You've still got a few more weeks of cooking left! And by a few, I mean 7.

  3. remember it's always better safe than sorry :) start bringing a water bottle w/you everywhere if you haven't yet! hang in there!!

  4. Take it easy and use this as an excuse to relax more. Tell the hubby to take care of you. Don't be afraid to use child labor to get things done. Bribery works well in those cases.

  5. I had Braxton Hicks pretty severely throughout both of my pregnancies, but worse with my second, so much so that the only way I knew I was really in labor when it came was that I could time them.