Monday, July 16, 2012

36 week bump pic

Here you go...36 weeks!!
(more swollen than normal....)

And guess who I got to see yesterday?? TOMAS!! It was a lovely visit--we had a birthday party for my husband at my mother in law's house and Tomas was able to meet us there to join us for the celebration.  He was lucky enough to feel a contraction as well as Jachym moving :)  It was great to see him, but now I'm kinda freaked out because the next time I see him, I'll be pushing out a kid! EEK!

And just to prove it, here's a photo of us

And just because my husband amuses the heck out of me and I'd love for him to amuse you too, here is a photo of his birthday cake from yesterday:

Yeah, imagine the looks I got when I ordered it!!

Let's just say the photo was taken while he was just a smidge bit inebriated.  His favorite phrase while wearing the coveted fall sweater was "I love squash" what better way to celebrate a man's birthday than to bring back some fun memories?


  1. Look at that gorgeous belly! I love it! So great that you got to see Tomas and I'm so happy he got to feel the baby moving! Contractions...not so much.

    Jesse's cake is awesome. :)

  2. Looking good Jesse!
    Tell Tomas he should just stay put in beautiful WI :)