Friday, July 13, 2012

36 Weeks!

36 weeks. My goodness. As that great 80’s song goes…


I had a routine checkup today. All is good—BP, urine, weight is all excellent. Jáchym ’s heart rate was 133 and sounded beautiful. Yes, I’m still swollen (mainly the feet) and still instructed to keep them up as much as I can. Good thing, too, because they’re swollen enough that they actually hurt.

I had to have the Group B strep test done today (let’s just say the “swab” a certain area) so while I was unclothed and available in that certain position, I asked the doc to check ye ‘ole cervix, just to see if there was any action down there. As he was checking, I heard a “wow” escape from his mouth.

Okay, usually a “wow” when someone’s got their hands in this particular area may be a good thing when you’re a lady, but let’s just say my heart skipped a beat in a “what the heck did that mean” way.

“Wow? Uh, doc, what do you mean by that little phrase?” I asked.

“You are a good 2 centimeters” he responded.

Excuse me??!?!? 2 cm dilated?!? EEK!

He calmed me down right away and said that doesn’t mean I’ll be going into labor in the next 18 minutes—it more means that I’ll have a quick labor. My body knows what the heck it needs to do (good thing, too).

I do remember being 1-2 cm for a couple weeks with my own kids, so I’m not overly concerned either; but, knowing that my body is definitely getting itself ready for the birth is very exciting, strange, freaking me out, etc…

Holy crap. This is happening. And it’s going to happen in the next 4 weeks, likely. Probably sooner.

I can freak out just a little, right?

I told Tomas and Honza not to change any travel plans quite yet, but just be alert and ready for a message from me with some labor updates. This is the time that I wish they lived right down the street from me.

I am not contracting (well, not regularly), so I will continue with this regularly scheduled program until my body decides it wants this little being to come out.

I am slightly bummed because I learned my doc will be on vacation the week of July 30. I mean, really, he couldn’t plan his vacation around my due date a little better? Sheesh. As much as I would like him to deliver Jáchym , I understand there are just some things out of my control and it is what it is. And who knows, maybe Jáchym will decide to make an early or on-time entrance.

I'll get you guys a belly pic over the weekend :)
And don't forget to enter your guess in the baby pool!! 


  1. Don't worry...Jachym isn't coming until August 3rd. At 1:24 pm. For sure. :) Do NOT make me hound you for a baby pic. After all, I DO know where you live...

  2. Baby pic?!?!?! Good grief. Belly pic.