Friday, July 20, 2012

37 Weeks! Big update!

A lot can change in a week…

I actually had a blog post all ready to go with a “normal” 37 week update; but I’m not going to post it because as of this morning, things have changed.


I had a routine check-up this morning. Normally my doc does not do a cervical check at 37 weeks, but in light of our international “situation”, I asked for one. I’m still 3 cm dilated and am thinning. No huge biggie, right?

Here’s the issue. I’m still quite swollen and my BP was elevated. True signs of pre-eclampsia.

Doc wants to induce on Tuesday.

If your jaw just dropped, you did the same thing I did. And when he told me this, I may have started to hyperventilate just a bit, too.

This wasn’t a quick decision for him, either. He sat there for some time deliberating. He knows we have a unique situation and he’s conscious of that, but also conscious of my body and the baby and that’s his concern right now. We’re not in immediate danger, but at this point it’s better for him to get evicted.

I have another check-up scheduled on Monday morning and the final decision will be made, but my gut is telling me I’ll be having baby Jáchym on Tuesday.

Cue the freak out.

Tomas is still in the US, so that’s good-and looks like he’ll be there for the birth. Honza I’m not too sure about. He’s a physician in Prague and likely has surgeries scheduled up until the time he was originally supposed to leave the Czech Republic.  Not sure how easy it is for a doctor to just get up and leave the country for a few weeks.  Ideally, I’d love for them to both be here Monday. That’s 3 days from today. So we’ll see….

Freak out some more.

My mother in law has taken my kids for nearly the entire weekend, so I will have some time to re-group and make sure everything is in order.

I certainly feel better now than I did sitting in my doc’s office this morning…
…but I’m still freaking out a bit.

Pray we can get Tomas and Honza both here for the birth of baby Jáchym!! 

Belly pic coming tomorrow--will likely be the last one!!


  1. Funny how life surprises us...ha! GOOD LUCK and here's to hoping they both can be here for the birth!

  2. Jesse!! I did drop my jaw girl!! Your health and health of baby is most important so I think it's definitely a good call to make, but girl I definitely freaked out too! Will be saying some prayers for all of you!

  3. What about urine? Protein? Ugh. SOO stressful! I'm sorry!

  4. No time for freaking out! Enjoy your last few days being pregnant!

    And for goodness sake, don't forget you have 8 (e.i.g.h.t.) teeny tiny chores to take care of before the big day! Tee hee!

  5. Holy crap! Those babies keep us on our toes, don't they? Hoping Honza had a nice, slow week planned and can hop the next flight America-bound. Happy, healthy thoughts for you and Baby.

  6. Whoa!! Good luck and I'm sure everything will work out just fine!