Monday, July 9, 2012

And so our vacation ends...

Our time in Door County was pretty great.

Lots of resting.

Lots of family time.

Lots of a/c.

To end it all, Jesse and I were able to have a date night and headed up to Sister Bay (nearly to the tip of Door County) for dinner and a sunset cruise.  It was so nice to get away from the kids for a night and have some adult time (my mother in law came up for a few days and was "granny nanny" for a few hours).

In Sister Bay, there's a Swedish restaurant called Al Johnsons.  We didn't eat there (I have in the past, though) but there's no way to go there and not take a photo of one of the coolest things in Door County (for you, Whitney)...

Yes, those are goat's on the roof of the restaurant.  They are up there all summer long!! (but do come down at night for proper rest in a barn nearby). 

Pretty cool, huh?

And here were our views from the sunset cruise...could it get any more pretty?

Normally after a week-long vacation, I'm ready to go home.  I wasn't ready to head home after this one.  It was so nice and peaceful (minus a few whiny kids every so often).  But....real life calls.  My work e-mails have piled up, limos need to be fixed and bills need to be paid.  I can't help but think of that early 90's techno song...


Oh, but I do have one great thing to look forward to--I get to see Tomas on Sunday!! Can't wait!


  1. Dang it, now I'm singing that song!! The pictures are stunning!! I am uberjealous, looks like you had an amazing time!!

  2. Back to reality but only for a short time because soon...very soon, life is going to seem pretty darn surreal.

  3. Just be sure you keep taking it easy back home as well. The sunset cruise had to be amazing. Love the pictures and picturing you and Jesse getting a little quiet time together to enjoy it and each other. That's what life is all about, those moments right there.

    And a big moment you're about to have in a few weeks. I'm so proud of you, babe!