Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Photo Randomness

I was laying in bed with London last night and we were browsing photos that were stored on my phone...and I thought perhaps I would share a few with you.  Hope you enjoy a nice little photo break.

Those on Facebook may remember a photo similar to this a few weeks ago.  This is what my shopping cart looked like the other day at the grocery store.  Normally one might get an eye, but when you're 8 months pregnant, you get more than an eye with a cart full of champagne.  I just tell everyone I'm drinking for two.

A couple weeks ago we were eating breakfast at a hole in the wall in Door County.  I grabbed a pamphlet on the Antique Power Association's 30th annual festival.  In the calendar of events I noted the above at 5:30 pm.
Only in Wisconsin can you have an evening Polka Mass.

For years my mom has had the same neighbor at the nursing home (right down the hall).  For years we walked by this persons room and never paid much attention.  A couple weeks ago the family and I were hanging out in the hallway and Elliot said "Mom, what's that say?" and pointed to the above, which was placed right outside this person's room.  I looked and told him it said "welcome".  He replied "no, it doesn't".  After looking again, I had to laugh.  He was right.  How did I never notice this?  And I was amused that it appeared no one else had either.

I was reading the kids some nursery rhymes from my Richard Scary book I had as a child.  Not sure I'm a fan of this one.

What a nice discount, huh?

What we do for fun in the boonies.

3 of the cutest kids ever.

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  1. Oh my gosh! These pictures made me laugh and they made me sad! I miss you so much! I miss those cute kids! And I miss boy Jesse! Your family rocks!

    P.S. What on earth are you doing up so late?! Must be a Door County thing.