Friday, July 6, 2012

What we did in Door County....

I hate to say it, but we didn't do a whole lot.  I stuck to my "chill out" doctor's orders for nearly the entire week-long vacation.

And I loved it.

You see, like much of the country, Wisconsin is getting hit with this crappy really really really hot weather.

And I don't like crappy really really really hot weather, especially while carrying around a 5+ pound child in my belly.  It's not called an "oven" for no reason.

Prior to arriving at our place, we weren't sure if the central air worked or not.  We never really had a reason to use the a/c since we acquired the place a couple years ago; but, we made a call and "Tom" came out to take a look.  An hour later and a bill we have yet to see, we are sitting in the coldest central air I've ever felt.

And I'm a happy girl. 

Your geographical lesson for the day...this is Door County, WI:

See where it shows Sturgeon Bay?  Our place is about 15 miles southwest of that, right on the water.
We took a couple day-trips up one side of the peninsula and down the other.  Stopped at "off the beaten path" restaurants and had a grand time.

On the 4th, Sturgeon Bay was the place to be for the fireworks.  So, we headed up there, laid out our blanket and prepped for an awesome show, along with about 500 other people. 

And then the announcement came that the fireworks were to be cancelled due to a storm rolling in.

Bum to the er.

It did end up storming-we got caught up in it on the drive back to our place, hail and all.

So we missed out on fireworks this year.  Oh well.  The kids didn't seem to mind and I still got my kettle corn fix for the week, so it's all good.

One of the things on our list to do was the Door County Fireboat Cruise.  London, of all kids, has been the most excited about it.  So, we did that today.  It's an hour and a half boat tour down the canal (between the Bay and Lake Michigan).  

Some photos from the little boat trip:

Tomorrow starts the last couple days we'll be here.  My lovely mother in law is joining us, giving the hubster and I a chance to escape the children for a few hours tomorrow night for some much-needed adult time/dinner.

I'll do a 35 week post in a day or two, but everything is going well.  Jachym and I are doing great. :)


  1. Looks fun! I'm glad to hear you're chillin' and that you get to so so in frigid temps.

    Can't wait to see that 35 week belly pic!

  2. I just saw your ticker...31 days??? WOWEE!!

  3. we are talking about going up there for my bro's grad present and all renting a house on the water for like a week. i can't wait to take my hubby up there...still hasn't been. did you guys eat at the restaurant w/the goats on top?? :)

  4. I bet the boat trip was fun for the kids. They are growing like beautiful flowers (I won't say weeds, they are too adorable to be weeds.)

    One of these days I'll see the beauty that is Door County.