Thursday, August 23, 2012

An Awesome App

I discovered the most awesome iPhone app ever.

Lately I’ve started to walk/jog on a daily basis. Like many, I like to listen to tunage while I am walking or jogging….but I’m kind of a freak about something--I have to walk or jog to the beat of the music.  Yeah, I’m weird like that.  If the song isn’t fast or slow enough, I switch songs until I find one that works (sometimes going through 25+ songs until I get the right one). Super annoying.

I searched Mr Google and the iTunes store and discovered this little app called Tempo Magic.

And it’s fabulous.

What it does is allows you to input songs from your iTunes account and then detects the BPM (beats per minute)—and you can adjust the BPM to whatever you want! It gets better!  If you have a certain BPM that you like (I’m diggin’ 130 bpm for a nice brisk walk), you can lock it so that all songs in your playlist default to your selected bpm!

So totally awesome!

I’m not one to spend a whole lot on apps, but I’ve only used it a few times and it was totally worth the $4.99. The best part is that this little app is actually motivating me to get out there and exercise!

So, if you’re a freak like me and have to a) listen to music while exercising and b) have to do something to the beat of the music, this is totally for you.

Note: Though it would be really awesome, Tempo Magic did not pay me to advertise their product.  I'm just letting ya'll know how cool it is.  And I can say "ya'll" because I did actually live in Alabama for a week.


  1. dork.... guess who...

  2. You'll have to show this to me. I don't see it on the Andriod market. Plus I don't even know how to link my iTunes to my phone but that's probably an iPhone only thing.